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Your comprehensive online introduction to Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, with its fascinating blend of both British and French influenced accommodation, eating out and shopping.  There is a wide range of Jersey Accommodation available, from simple Jersey Guest Houses, Jersey Serviced Apartments, Jersey Self Catering and luxurious Jersey Hotels.  Use this site to view and book your next Jersey Holiday with the ability to search for Jersey Hotels by location, star ratings and facilities.

With spectacular scenery, stunning beaches and beautiful coves to explore, as well as a fascinating history, there’s so much more to see and do during your Jersey HolidayShort breaks to Jersey are becoming increasingly popular – only 35 minutes from the UK and you’ll find luxury Jersey Hotels with amazing spas, boutique (tax free) shopping and delicious cuisine.

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Jersey Holidays Questions and Answers

Jersey Holidays Questions and Answers   A selection of the questions we have received from customers about their Jersey holidays plan and our researched responses.   We are always here to help.  If there is anything you would like to know about the island of Jersey, Jersey events or Jersey Hotels, please contact us and we [...]

Jersey Facts

Jersey Facts 107,800 people Jersey has a population of around 107,800 with around 46% of population born on the island. The other largest ethnic groups on the island are the British at 33%, Portuguese at 8%, Polish at 3% and Irish at under 3%. Largest Tides Jersey has one of the largest tides in the [...]

Jersey Transport

Jersey Transport Jersey by Bus Jersey by Car Jersey by Cycle Jersey by Foot Despite Jersey's compact size of nine miles by five, there is a large road network of around 550 miles meaning getting from one end of the island to the other can be achieved in no time.  There is a variety of [...]

Jersey Weather

Jersey Weather   Jersey boasts the warmest summers and mildest winters in the British Isle, this is British weather at its best.  The closest thing the UK has to a Mediterranean climate, Jersey summers are warm and comfortable with average temperatures of around 20c falling to 16c in late September. The most popular holiday season [...]

Jersey Currency

Jersey Currency   If you are visiting Jersey from the UK then the good news is that Jersey accepts British currency, saving you time and hassle and keeping things simple. The livres ('livre tournois'), which were French coins, were the currency of Jersey until 1834.  Nowadays Jersey has its own currency - the Jersey pound, [...]

Jersey Languages

Jersey Languages   What languages are spoken in Jersey? What are the main Jersey languages? Do people speak English? Do people speak French or does Jersey have it's own language? Jersey has 2 official languages - English and French Jèrriais, or 'Jersey French' (as it is also known) is a variety of the ancient Norman [...]

Jersey Disability Guide

Jersey Disability Guide   There are various facilities in place to ensure that disabled visitors to Jersey are as comfortable as possible and can enjoy the many attractions that Jersey has to offer.  A list of disabled friendly hotels is provided, as a rough guide only, but to give you an idea of possible hotels to [...]

Jersey Golf

Jersey Golf   Jersey is renowned for its impressive Jersey golf pedigree and here you can find some of the best golf courses in the UK.   The professional golfers Harry Vardon and Ted Ray were both born in Grouville and were Open and US Open winners respectively.  Ted Ray was the first Ryder Cup Captain [...]

Jersey Tourist Guide

Jersey Tourist Guide   Before you book your Jersey holiday make sure you read our essential Jersey Tourist Guide below as well as read our Jersey Visitors Questions and Answers page and our Jersey Facts page: What is the Capital of Jersey? Saint Helier is a town in the parish of Saint Helier and the [...]

Jersey Hotels that Cater for Special Diets

Jersey Hotels that Cater for Special Diets   Jersey Hotels Catering for Gluten Free Diet Jersey Hotels Catering for Vegan Diet Jersey Hotels Catering for Vegetarian Diet Below is a list of Jersey hotels that can cater for special diets including Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian. Jersey Hotels Catering for Gluten Free Diet Beausite Hotel Rue des [...]

Jersey Tourist Information

Jersey Tourist Information   Before you book your Jersey holiday make sure you read our essential Jersey Tourist Information below as well as read our Jersey Visitors Questions and Answers page, our Jersey Facts page and our Jersey Tourist Guide. Jersey is the perfect destination for an island break, a phenomenal blend of English and [...]

Jersey Beaches

Jersey Beaches Jersey's 50 miles of coastline has a wide range of excellent beaches suitable for family activities, swimming, bathing, surfing, windsurfing, longboarding and sunbathing. Below is a guide to the main beaches in Jersey: Beauport BeachDiscover Beauport Beach Bonne Nuit BayDiscover Bonne Nuit Bay Bouley BayDiscover Bouley Bay Greve de LecqDiscover Greve de Lecq [...]

Jersey Accommodation

Jersey Accommodation   The island of Jersey has so much to offer that there is always something exciting to do or somewhere beautiful to discover even if you have visited many times before. If you want to discover the heart and beauty of Jersey, dedicating time to the island is essential. Whether you are staying [...]

Best Hotels in Jersey

Best Hotels in Jersey   Jersey is home to so many incredible hotels that sometimes it can make choosing your accommodation difficult.  Whatever you are looking for, you will be able to find it from luxury Jersey hotels to affordable options and even unique stays.  The best hotels in Jersey are second to none with [...]

Flights To Jersey

Flights to Jersey   For visitors from the United Kingdom, flights to Jersey are a breeze.  Whilst a couple of transport options are available, flights are without a doubt the quickest and most convenient way to travel.  With flights from multiple UK airports year round and short journey times, flying is often the obvious choice [...]