Jersey Attractions

Bursting at the seams with exciting attractions, educational museums and beautiful nature, Jersey is an island with a seemingly endless list of incredible things to do. For a small island, Jersey has big character and trying to design an itinerary for your trip can be a difficult feat due to the spectacular selection of Jersey attractions. Whether you are wanting to get out into nature, explore the heart of Jersey or embark on a thrill seeking adventure, Jersey has a collection of activities, attractions and points of interest that you simply do not want to miss.

Jersey Attractions in St Helier

Jersey Museum and Art Gallery

Jersey is an island with an incredibly rich history and nowhere offers a better introduction into the island’s past and heritage than the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery. The Jersey Museum and Art Gallery takes visitors on a journey through the life and times of the island from its prehistoric roots right up to modern day. Showcasing the island’s history through reconstructions, restorations and archive footage, Jersey Museum and Art Gallery delves deep into the periods of history that truly influenced Jersey and the island we know in the present day.

Elizabeth Castle

One of Jersey’s most iconic landmarks, Elizabeth Castle, stands proudly off the coast of St Helier as one of the island’s most magnificent points of interest. Located on its own islet surrounded by the sea, Elizabeth Castle can be accessed by ferry or via the causeway during low tides. The 400 year old fortress acted as one of Jersey’s main defence points for centuries and visitors can explore the castle’s magnificent grounds and walls including the bunkers and battlements.

Elizabeth Castle, St Helier

For those wanting to truly experience Elizabeth Castle, the fortress also offers contemporary accommodation with a luxurious flair whilst staying true to its rustic and historic beauty.

Maritime Museum and Occupation Tapestry Gallery

As Jersey’s main hub and the capital of the island, St Helier is overflowing with history and the Maritime Museum and Occupation Tapestry Gallery is one of the many incredible museums to dive into. Nestled on St Helier’s historic harbour, the museum explores Jersey’s seafaring history through interactive and educational exhibits that are fun for all the family. At home on the site of one of Jersey’s original shipbuilding yards, the Maritime Museum and Occupation Tapestry Gallery is one of the island’s busiest attractions with visitors flocking to see the museum’s spectacular full-scale replicas and historic vessels.

Maritime Museum

The Central and Beresford Markets

Playing a key role in the heritage of Jersey, the Central and Beresford Markets have served the island’s residents for over 200 years. To sample a real taste of Jersey, look no further as the markets are open Monday to Saturday with stalls of local produce and island favourite dishes. At the markets you will also find charming craft stalls and traders selling a host of unique handmade goods. 

Beresford Market

St Helier Beach

Extending from the marina of St Helier to the harbour of St Aubin, St Helier Beach is a 4 mile crescent-shaped stretch of golden sand with the waves of St Aubin’s Bay lapping against the shore. Jersey’s rugged coastline is scattered with charismatic beaches and no beach has more personality than St Helier. With dramatic tides, compelling rock pools and a protruding pier, the beach has bags of character, soft sands and a south-facing location perfect for soaking up the rays. A promenade runs the length of the beach popular with walkers whilst in the summer months, Le Petit Train also travels along the beachfront connecting St Helier and St Aubin.  In addition, you can enjoy some unrivalled views of Jersey’s coastline including unobstructed views of Elizabeth Castle. 

Jersey Attractions in St Brelade

St Aubin Fort

Adjacent to Elizabeth Castle at the opposite end of St Aubin’s Bay, St Aubin Fort was built in the 1500’s and has witnessed some of Jersey’s most fascinating history. Built to protect the harbour, the fort has been extended and modified throughout its life and played significant roles in both the English Civil War and World War II. During the German occupation, St Aubin Fort was used as a German Resistance Nest and the bunkers built into the sea wall can still be discovered today. Settled on a tidal island just off the coast of St Aubin, the fort can be accessed during low tide and offers exquisite panoramic views of St Aubin’s Bay.

Jersey Lavender

If you time your trip to Jersey right, you can visit one of the island’s most beautiful and colourful locations. Established in 1983, Jersey Lavender is an old dairy farm that was converted into the flourishing lavender farm it is today. The summer months see a spectacular purple haze over the farm as the lavender blooms and a visit is a delight for the senses. Not only does Jersey Lavender grow the lavender, the farm also presses it into oil and Jersey Lavender’s oils and products are world famous. 

St Brelade’s Bay

The island’s most popular and beautiful beach, St Brelade’s Bay is a buzzing hub of activity. Boasting all the best water sports and activities, St Brelade’s Bay is a popular coastal destination for adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies. However, the length of the beach means that even during the beach’s busiest periods, plenty of space is on offer and St Brelade’s Bay is also a great spot for relaxing in the sun and swimming in the shallow waters.

St Brelade's Bay

Beauport Beach

One of the island’s hidden gems, Beauport Beach is a firm favourite with those in the know. This secret location is nestled between Jersey’s rugged granite cliffs and is frequented by locals rather than tourists. Beauport Beach is a renowned sun trap and one of Jersey’s most rustic beaches offering beautiful scenery with a dramatic backdrop and turquoise waters lapping against the shore.

The Railway Walk

A 4 mile walk from St Aubin to Corbiere Lighthouse, The Railway Walk is a scenic trail along Jersey’s old railway route. Suitable for both cyclists and pedestrians, The Railway Walk is a quaint, tree-lined pathway boasting scenic views. Start in the charming town of St Aubin, discover relics of the railway en-route and complete your adventure at the iconic Corbiere Lighthouse with breathtaking views over St Ouen’s Bay. 

Railway Walk

Jersey Attractions in St Ouen

The Channel Islands Military Museum

At home in one of the Nazi bunkers that once formed part of Hilter’s Atlantic Wall of defence during World War II, The Channel Islands Military Museum is a time capsule of recent history. Documenting the story of Jersey during the German occupation, the museum features a fascinating selection of artefacts including personal items, medical equipment and weaponry. The Channel Islands Military Museum offers a great insight to Jersey during the German occupation and how this time in history shaped the island. 

St Ouen’s Bay

Stretching close to the entirety of Jersey’s west coast, St Ouen’s Bay is one of Jersey’s most rustic and natural coastlines on the island. A protected area as part of Jersey National Park, St Ouen’s Bay remains relatively untouched and its rugged appearance and dramatic waves make it a popular destination for surfers with many British and European Championships taking place here over the years. The sheer expanse of St Ouen’s Bay means that a quiet spot can always be found and visitors can enjoy a spot of privacy to relax in the sun.

St Ouen's Bay

The golden sands and rolling dunes of the beach create a stunning, scenic landscape and a perfect base to relax and enjoy the view whilst a myriad of beach bars and cafes can be found lining the beachfront, perfect locations to grab a drink and watch the magnificent sunset over the Atlantic.

Grosnez Castle

The magnificent 14th century castle ruin of Grosnez is one of Jersey’s most iconic landmarks and a historic location with a mysterious air. Grosnez Castle has been in ruin since the 16th century and a lot is unknown about the castle’s past, however, archaeological discoveries uncovered that the ruin of Grosnez Castle was due to deliberate demolition rather than steady decay. Many of the stones from the original structure are now scattered across the island having been used for buildings, houses and St Ouen’s Manor.

Grosnez Castle

Grosnez Castle sits on a windy headland in the north-west of Jersey overlooking the crashing waves below. Visitors are free to explore the ruins whilst the incredible view from Grosnez Castle extends to Jersey’s neighbouring Channel Islands and the French coast on a clear day.

Jersey Attractions in Trinity

Jersey Zoo

As one of the island’s biggest attractions, Jersey Zoo has a high reputation to live up to and it does not disappoint. Home to some of the world’s rarest species, Jersey Zoo is a spectacular facility that is part of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and dedicated to the protection, preservation and education of the phenomenal animals of planet Earth.

Jersey Zoo

Jersey Zoo is so much more than simply admiring animals from afar, the zoo boasts an abundance of animal experiences on its calendar including meeting the apes, meerkat interaction and the world-famous Keeper For A Day experience. Jersey Zoo has so much to offer that it is hard to fit it all into one visit so why not make a multi-day trip out of it and stay at one of the brilliant hotels near Jersey Zoo. The highlight is undoubtedly Durrell Wildlife Camp, a luxury 5-star glamping experience on the same site as Jersey Zoo, allowing guests to wake up to the sounds of the animals.

Bouley Bay

Hidden between towering cliffs on the island’s north coast, Bouley Bay is one of Jersey’s most picturesque destinations. Accessed only by a steep, winding road, Bouley Bay is often frequented by experienced walkers and cyclists testing their endurance during the climb back to the top.

Bouley Bay

The stunning bay is home to Jersey’s only dive school and is a popular departure point for kayaking and snorkelling due to the exquisite beauty of the underwater world and mysterious coastal caves in this area of Jersey. Generally, Bouley Bay is a quiet beach away from the hustle and bustle of Jersey’s more accessible beaches, a great location to enjoy a spot of peace.

Jersey Attractions in St Peter

Jersey War Tunnels

Jersey is rich in war history with World War II in particular playing a pivotal role in the island’s heritage and identity. During the German occupation of the island during WW2, an underground complex was built to shield the Germans from Allied air raids. Converted into an emergency hospital in 1943, the tunnels have played several roles since their creation and now play an important part in the documentation of Jersey’s history. Through heroic and heart-breaking exhibits and stories, the Jersey War Tunnels provide an exceptionally thought-provoking and educational tour into wartime Jersey and the effects the German occupation had on the island and its residents. 

aMaizin! Adventure Park

Bursting with indoor fun and outdoor adventure, aMaizin! Adventure Park is a one stop shop of entertainment for all the family and Jersey’s number one family activity. If you are looking for an attraction to keep the children entertained during your visit to Jersey, this is it! Visit the farm animals, tee off with a game of mini golf, race down the toboggan hill or bounce around on the jumping pillow. In addition to family fun, there’s so much dedicated just to kids including tractor rides, pedal go-karts and an adventure playground. To top it off, during the summer months, the whole family can get lost exploring the themed maze and if the weather takes a turn making the outdoor attractions seem less appealing, head inside where the little ones can explore the indoor play barn.

The Forgotten Forest Arboretum

Head to this hidden gem near Val de Mar Reservoir to discover the unique plants and unusual trees of this once forgotten forest. Showcasing the best that Mother Nature has to offer, The Forgotten Forest is a mystical location boasting fascinating plants, flora, fauna and wildlife that are not typically found in this region of the world but are thriving in the forest thanks to Jersey’s mild climate. Life from across the world was planted in The Forbidden Forest during the 1970’s and 80’s but hidden away and neglected until 2012 when the Jersey Trees for Life charity restored the area and opened this phenomenal scenic location to the public. 

Jersey Attractions in Gorey

The Royal Bay of Grouville

This famous beach in the heart of Gorey is a hive of adventure and activity. One of the island’s busiest and most popular beaches, the Royal Bay of Grouville is home to Gorey Watersports, a beachfront activity centre boasting the island’s most extensive selection of water sports and water based activities including water skiing, banana boat rides and speed boats. In addition, you can also rent equipment and boats from Gorey Watersports to embark on your own adventure such as kayaks, snorkel equipment and self-drive motor dinghies. However, the Royal Bay of Grouville’s claim to fame is that Queen Victoria visited the beach in 1859 and was very impressed by it. Following the visit, the beach more commonly known as Long Beach to the locals, received a regal title escalating the status of the beach from its original name of the Bay of Grouville.

Mont Orgueil Castle

At home in the village of Gorey which straddles the parishes of St Martin and Grouville, Mont Orgueil Castle is an imposing fortress overlooking the harbour of Gorey. Also known simply as Gorey Castle, Mont Orgueil has watched over the port for more than 800 years and is one of the greatest remaining examples of a mediaeval fortress. Mont Orgueil Castle is fascinating to explore with underground tunnels, secret rooms and interesting towers to discover whilst the castle’s history is retold through captivating tales, gruesome stories and witchcraft exhibits.

Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey

Things to do Elsewhere in Jersey

Les Ecrehous

Forming part of the Bailiwick of Jersey and falling under the parish of St Martin, Les Ecrehous is one of Jersey’s best kept secrets. Located 6 miles off the coast of the island and just 8 miles from France, Les Ecrehous is a stunning archipelago that is small in size but offers huge beauty. Les Ecrehous looks like paradise and is one of Jersey’s most picturesque landscapes with turquoise waters, white sands and rugged islets. The area is a popular home for Atlantic grey seals and bottlenose dolphins with several boat trips heading to Les Ecrehous in the hopes of catching a glimpse of these magnificent marine mammals. 

Bonne Nuit

Tucked away in the parish of St John, Bonne Nuit is a postcard-perfect destination boasting some of the island’s most charming scenery. Home to a picturesque harbour, a pebble beach and a soft stretch of sand making an appearance at low tide, Bonne Nuit is a beautiful destination to relax and unwind in Jersey. Named after the French for goodnight, Bonne Nuit has a reputation as a quiet and peaceful location worthy of its name.

Bonne Nuit Bay

Bonne Nuit is a busy port for local fishermen and you will often see boats returning with their catch of the day whilst nearby beach cafes will serve up exquisite seafood on their menus. 

Hamptonne Country Life Museum

To gain an insight into the rural Jersey of times gone by, you will not find a more immersive and authentic experience than a visit to Hamptonne Country Life Museum. Explore family life, visit the animals in the barn, learn about agricultural traditions and discover Jersey’s history with cider all whilst taking part in the running of the grounds and day-to-day activities. A series of walking trails also lead on from Hamptonne Country Life Museum making it a great starting point for a day of exploring Jersey.

Jersey Battle of the Flowers

Whilst Jersey Battle of the Flowers only rolls around once a year, if you are visiting Jersey during the summer months, your trip may be perfectly timed in line with the event and you do not want to miss the chance to be a participant or witness to this dazzling celebration. The biggest event on Jersey’s annual calendar, Battle of the Flowers is one of the best events of the year across the Channel Islands. The entire island comes alive during Battle of the Flowers with a vibrant celebration of colour, spectacular flowers and exceptional entertainment. Jersey Battle of the Flowers is one of the best floral carnivals in Europe as large, colourful floats decorated with hand-crafted flowers sail through the streets of Jersey accompanied by entertainers in striking costumes and showcasing amazing talent. 

The Jersey National Park 

Jersey’s only national park is 2145 hectares of phenomenal scenery, magnificent wildlife and natural beauty. A protected area dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of Jersey’s land and coastline, Jersey National Park is a nature-built play park for everyone to enjoy, popular with cyclists, hikers and outdoor adventure seekers. Bursting with castles, coves and dunes as well as grasslands, clifftops and towering rocks, Jersey National Park is a land of diversity. Jersey’s unique landscape provides a seemingly endless list of places to explore throughout the national park with a beautiful landscape that changes with the seasons. 

Cycle the Green Lanes

Jersey is the perfect destination for a cycling holiday with an abundance of scenic routes, challenging trails and safe cycling lanes. Cycling is a popular pastime on the island for both locals and visitors and the island features an excellent selection of scenic cycling routes boasting spectacular scenery. Jersey cycling network is well sign-posted and easy to navigate with the inclusion of the island’s ‘Green Lanes’ a convenient and safe addition to Jersey’s cycling routes. The ‘Green Lanes’ are a 48 mile network of safe, rural roads that give priority to cyclists and pedestrians over vehicles and restrict cars to access only. The traffic-free cycling trails and safe ‘Green Lanes’ across the island allow a cycling adventure for all abilities and all the family.