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Jersey Languages


  • What languages are spoken in Jersey?
  • What are the main Jersey languages?
  • Do people speak English?
  • Do people speak French or does Jersey have it’s own language?

Jersey has 2 official languages – English and French

Jèrriais, or ‘Jersey French’ (as it is also known) is a variety of the ancient Norman language and was originally the dominant language spoken in Jersey.  Its use has been in decline for decades and now is most commonly spoken in rural areas, with only around 2,600 of the whole Jersey population speaking it.

English is the main official language, spoken by most (around 95% of the population) and most signs are written in English, sometimes with French or Jèrriais subtitling. 20% of the 87,000 people in Jersey are of English-speaking) descent.

There has been a French-speaking population in Jersey for centuries, mainly due to the close proximity to France.  Jersey Legal French is the official language of administration, but mainly restricted to formalities such as ceremonies and prayers.


Languages Spoken in Jersey Hotels

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