St Brelade's Bay
St Brelade's Bay
St Brelade's Bay
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Oozing a Bohemian, Hippy Vibe, St Brelade

Boasting stunning coastal views of the South of Jersey and oozing a bohemian, hippy vibe, St Brelade is a paradise for adventure and relaxation.

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Complete Contrast to the Busier St Helier

Discover an array of exceptional comfort, services, and facilities from the best accommodation Jersey has to offer.

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Home to Historic Beauty, St Brelade

Away from the historic war sites, St Brelade is home to some historic beauty.

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St Brelade

Map of St Brelade

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Boasting stunning coastal views of the South of Jersey and oozing a bohemian, hippy vibe, St Brelade is a paradise for adventure and relaxation.  The parish located less than five miles from bustling St Helier is of complete contrast to the busy town and overall has a more blissful atmosphere.  Everything is centred around the area’s beautiful beaches and St Brelade is a top destination and firm favourite for tourists to visit.  Whether you’re looking for activity or tranquillity, you will find it in St Brelade.

St Brelade Historic Sites

Noirmont Point

War history lovers have hit the jackpot in Jersey with an abundance of sites across the island as a result of the island’s German occupation during World War II.  St Brelade is home to the M-132 Underground Command Bunker, Noirmont Point which is one of the best preserved German defenses in Europe.  Thousands of tourists visit the bunker annually and the site has also been known to host events such as military vehicle exhibitions.

Another must-see for those interested in World War II history is a visit to Battery Lothringen.  Located close to the M-132 Underground Command Bunker, Battery Lothringen is equally well-preserved and one of the top ten historic sites to visit in Jersey.  The site was part of Hitler’s Atlantic Wall and is now a memorial dedicated to the slave labourers of the Organisation Todt.

Noirmont Point
St Brelade's Bay

Away from the historic war sites, St Brelade is home to some historic beauty.  For such a small Church, the Parish Church of St Brelade has a high reputation.  The stunning Church is located in a beautiful setting, overlooking St Brelade’s Bay and taking in exquisite views of the beach and coast.  The Church is bursting with local history and community spirit, a great way to get to know the parish, whilst next door the Fisherman’s Chapel is home to intricate frescoes that date back to the Middle Ages.

St Brelade Other Points of Interest

Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Park

Heading towards the coast, you will find the Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Park, a small park on the seafront with exquisite floral displays, beautiful water features and a memorial statue of Churchill.  The park may be small in size but is stunning to walk through and is a great place to enjoy a picnic away from the sands of the beach.

St Brelade's Bay

The main attraction of St Brelade is without a doubt, the beach.  St Brelade’s Bay is one of the island’s most popular beaches and a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike.  The beach offers shallow waters for safe swimming, fine golden sands to bask in the sun and scenic views in every direction.  If you’re just looking to relax on the sand and paddle in the sea, St Brelade’s Bay is a great option with both sunny and shaded spots for sunbathing plus crystal clear waters.  However, the beach is also attractive to those looking for adventure.  Within the bay, you can find an abundance of water based activities on offer including kayaking and inflatables amongst others.  Family-friendly activities are also available whilst the promenade is packed with exciting cafes, bars and eateries.

La Corbiere Lighthouse, St Ouen's Bay

Located just off the coast of St Brelade, La Corbiere Lighthouse calls a small tidal island home.  The lighthouse was the first in the British Isles to be built on concrete giving it a firm spot in British maritime history.  The picturesque lighthouse can be accessed during low tide via the causeway from St Brelade’s Bay and is a vision that is often seen on postcards.  In addition to touring the lighthouse, you can also find a lookout tower, German war bunkers and a memorial statue surrounding it.

Named after the wandering saint St Branwallader, St Brelade is located on the south and west coast and features some of the most popular bays in Jersey.  The parish church, built during the 11th century from local granite, stands at the end of one of these bays – the beautiful St Brelade’s Bay.

Just along from St Brelade’s Bay, you will find Portelet BayIn contrast to the beach of St Brelade’s Bay, Portelet Bay is more rugged with a dramatic backdrop and natural surroundings.  The beach is nestled within a charming bay with soft, golden sands and turquoise waters whilst being a great choice to get away from the bustle of noisier beaches.

St Brelade Shopping, Dining and Nightlife

Jersey Black Butter

St Brelade’s shopping, dining and nightlife options are a more relaxed affair than the bustling and popular St Helier and it is a great alternative destination to the capital.

Shopping in St Brelade is less high street and more of an eclectic mish-mash of independent stores.  Amongst a whole plethora of souvenir shops, here you will find farm shops, gift stores and quaint boutiques.  If you’re looking for a gift or a keepsake to take home, you’ll probably find the perfect one in St Brelade.

The central point for dining in St Brelade is the promenade that you will find lined with an impressive variety of eateries including seaside restaurants and beach cafes.  Many of the restaurants showcase the flavours of the local produce and freshly caught fish with select dining locations specialising in specific seafood such as crab or oysters.  If seafood is not your thing, you will also find a whole host of other dining establishments offering delicious menus.

Golden Sands Hotel - Restaurant
St Brelade's Bay

In regards to the nightlife of St Brelade, here it is tame and you will find evenings can be enjoyed in a traditional pub or a chilled beach club.  St Brelade is the place to be if you’re hoping for an evening of taking it easy rather than a crazy, booze-fuelled night.

St Brelade Sport and Events

Jersey is an island renowned for activity and the offerings of St Brelade are no exception.  With it’s relaxed, bohemian vibe, St Brelade mainly focuses on water sport offerings with a wealth of wet and wild activities on offer including coasteering, surfing and paddleboarding which are available on the beachfront.

St Brelade hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year with a varied programme offering something for everyone.  A lot of the events in St Brelade are connected to activity or nature with hiking a very popular event and a great way to get to know the countryside and coastline around St Brelade.  In addition, the events calendar also occasionally features concerts and workshops allowing both locals and tourists to explore a more creative side of Jersey.

St Brelade Transportation

Getting to and exploring St Brelade is easy with both driving and public transport an option.  Car hire is a popular choice for tourists with rental companies available at the airports and navigating the island a breeze.  However, Jersey also offers great public transport connections with LibertyBus and links the island with a frequent bus service allowing you to explore St Brelade without the need for a car.

Tourist Attractions in St Brelade

La Corbiere Lighthouse

Portelet Bay

St Brelade’s Bay

Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Park

M-132 Underground Command Bunker, Noirmont Point