St Helier
Liberty Wharf, St Helier
Elizabeth Castle
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Discover Jersey’s Capital & Buzzing Heart, St Helier

The unique blend of French and British influence can be seen all around in the island’s eclectic capital of St Helier.

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Make Your Jersey Experience One To Remember

Discover an array of exceptional comfort, services and facilities from the best accommodation St Helier has to offer.

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Bursting At The Seams With Exciting Attractions

Jersey has a collection of activities, attractions and points of interest that you simply do not want to miss!

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St Helier

Map of St Helier

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Nestled on the South coast of Jersey, the island’s capital of St Helier is an eclectic town bursting with charm, heritage and culture.  St Helier is the buzzing heart of the island offering an abundance of activities, attractions and experiences that both locals and tourists delight in.  The town provides a great introduction to Jersey showcasing the Channel Islands’ eclectic offerings and the unique blend of French and British influence.  No where in the archipelago will provide you with such an authentic taste of the history and culture of the Channel Islands than St Helier making the Jersey town a brilliant starting point.

St Helier Historic Sites

Liberation Day

To understand modern day Jersey, you need to discover the rich history of the island and St Helier provides the perfect base for an exploration into the past.  The Jersey Museum and Gallery based in St Helier offers a phenomenal introduction into the island’s history following Jersey’s roots in prehistoric times up to the present day.  The museum showcases Jersey’s culture, traditions and pastimes as well as early reconstructions, 19th-century room restoration and archive footage of the island’s maiden footsteps into tourism.

As a port town, St Helier has a strong maritime heritage and a historic harbour, a harbour that is home to Maritime Museum and Occupation Tapestry Gallery.  The Maritime Museum is one of St Helier’s busiest attractions and documents the island’s seafaring history.  The site of the museum was once one of the largest shipbuilding locations in Europe producing over 800 ships in its day.  This incredible museum is highly interactive and educational for all the family with full-scale replica vessels and the opportunity to observe the museum’s historic ships being maintained.

Maritime Museum
Elizabeth Castle, St Helier

Located just off the coast of St Helier on its own islet in St Aubin’s Bay, Elizabeth Castle is a 400 year old fortress that has protected the island of Jersey for centuries.  The castle can be accessed via ferry or on foot during low tides and visitors can explore the grounds, the battlements and the bunkers to discover Elizabeth Castle’s place in Jersey history.  The islet is also home to Hermitage Rock, the location where Jersey’s patron saint, St Helier is said to have lived.

St Helier Other Points of Interest

Not only is St Helier home to numerous historic sites, the town offers a wealth of other attractions and things to do.

Liberation Day

Located at the central point of Liberation Square, the Liberation Square Sculpture is a must-visit in St Helier.  The sculpture was erected in 1995 to celebrate 50 years since the liberation of the island’s German occupation.  The sculpture is a symbol of Jersey’s freedom and a monument to the island’s heritage.

St Helier Marina

If you’re looking for other points of interest, head down to St Helier Marina.  You can head out on a boat trip, take in the Lighthouse Memorial or have a relaxing stroll around the harbour.  If walking is your thing, a visit to Howard Davis Park should also make your list.  The picturesque park is a great place to have a peaceful wander or enjoy a picnic and at the park you will find rose gardens, fountains and ponds to discover as well as a tea room.

Beresford Market

The Central and Beresford Markets of St Helier have served the residents for over 200 years with the markets playing a key role in the island’s heritage.  Open Monday to Saturday, the markets are a great destination to sample the local produce of Jersey, browse the quaint craft stalls and interact with the locals.

One of the main attractions in Jersey for tourists is undoubtedly the beaches.  The rugged coastline of Jersey is speckled with stunning golden sand beaches perfect to enjoy in all weather.  St Helier Beach is a beach that is full of character from the soft sands and protruding pier to the intricate rock pools and dramatic tides.  The beach is an extensive four-mile beach that stretches from St Helier Marina towards St Aubin.  St Helier Beach also offers great scenery including unobstructed views of Elizabeth Castle just off the shore.

St Helier Shopping, Dining and Nightlife

St Helier - Liberty Wharf

Jersey’s capital offers great shopping and dining options with something available for every taste and budget.  Liberty Wharf Shopping Centre in St Helier is the number one destination in Jersey for shopping with everything from designer boutiques and lifestyle brands to well-known high street stores and bargain shops.  The shopping centre is also a great location for eating as well as spending with an abundance of delicious eateries scattered amongst shops within the mall.

When it comes to dining, St Helier has an exhaustive list of exceptional dining locations to discover.  With the warmest weather in the British Isles, al fresco dining is popular and many restaurants offer outdoor seating.  The town also offers a number of Michelin recognised restaurants including Bohemia which is the proud holder of a Michelin Star and offers a playful menu bursting with local Jersey ingredients.

Golden Sands Hotel - Restaurant
Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel - Bar

For nightlife, the best of St Helier’s late scene is centered around the Royal Yacht Hotel.  After dark, the town comes alive welcoming pubs, chic cocktail bars and vibrant clubs all of which are generally within walking distance of each other.  Due to their close proximity, it is easy to discover the diverse nightlife scene that St Helier has to offer.

St Helier Sport and Events

The island of Jersey is one bursting with activity and St Helier is the central hub for sport, exercise and adventure.  The island is a founding member of the International Island Games Association and has participated in every sporting event since beginning in 1985.  Sport is often a part of life for many Jersey locals and the island offers a whole host of activities.  In St Helier, you can find every sport and adventure activity you can think of including motorsports, sailing, horse riding and skateboarding.

The town also hosts an extensive calendar of diverse events including cultural activities, art fairs, performance events and numerous festivals in the Summer months.  In addition to sporting events, language events are also popular with many events held in French due to the island’s proximity to France.

St Helier Transportation

With all that St Helier has to offer, the question is, how to explore it.  Driving is the primary method of transport across Jersey and St Helier is easy to explore via car.  Visitors to the island can hire a car from a variety of different rental companies, many of which offer their services from the airport.

However, St Helier also has great public transportation links including airport connections and is a great option for non-drivers or tourists not wishing to hire a car.  Whichever way you decide to explore St Helier, you’re in for an adventure.

Tourist Attractions in St Helier

Jersey Museum

Central Market

Occupation Tapestry

Jersey Maritime Museum

Island Fortress Occupation Museum