Fort Leicester, Trinity
Jersey Zoo
Bouley Bay
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Jersey’s Best Beaches, Trinity

Leading attractions and showcases many parts of Jersey’s heritage.

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Make Your Jersey Experience One To Remember

Discover an array of exceptional comfort, services and facilities from the best accommodation Trinity has to offer.

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Bursting At The Seams With Exciting Attractions

If you are looking for variety, Trinity has it in abundance with an eclectic blend of activities and attractions.

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Map of Trinity

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The northern parish of Trinity is home to some of the Jerseys best beaches, leading attractions and showcases many parts of Jersey’s heritage. The exciting parish has an incredible number of things to do and places to see. Bordering four Jersey parishes – St John, St Helier, St Saviour and St Martin, Trinity is easily accessible from all corners of the island with an incredible public transportation service running right through its heart and direct to Trinity’s top tourist spots. If you are looking for variety, Trinity has it in abundance with an eclectic blend of activities and attractions.

Trinity Historic Sites

Fort Leicester, Trinity

With an incredible collection of forts lining the coastline, Trinity is no exception and home to Fort Leicester. Fort Leicester’s history dates back to the 16th century and has witnessed some of the island’s most significant events. At home in Jersey National Park, Fort Leicester overlooks Bouley Bay and takes in the phenomenal coastal scenery. Now managed by Jersey Heritage, visitors to Jersey can choose Fort Leicester as an accommodation option. The fort is available as a holiday let, allowing guests to stay in a piece of the island’s history and enjoy an escape in the secluded location.

The Pallot Steam, Motor & General Museum is one of the world’s leading vintage vehicle museums with an incredible number of exhibits. Showcasing the history and heritage of the island’s motor vehicles and steam trains, The Pallot Steam, Motor & General Museum displays a magnificent collection of steam engines, farming machinery and classic vehicles. The museum also has a full size railway with the opportunity for visitors to take a trip on an original steam train.

Bouley Bay

Trinity Other Points of Interest

Bouley Bay

The picturesque Bouley Bay is nestled between dramatic cliffs on Jersey’s north coast. Accessed only by a steep, winding road, Bouley Bay is well hidden and remains one of the quieter beaches on the island. The sheltered cove is a popular destination for swimming whilst the island’s only dive school calls Bouley Bay home. Thanks to the spectacular underwater world surrounding Bouley Bay and the wealth of mysterious caves carved into the towering cliffside, Bouley Bay is a great launchpad for snorkelling, scuba diving and kayaking. The bay also offers postcard-perfect scenery with clear turquoise waters and a pebbled belt surrounded by rugged green cliffs.

Jersey Zoo

As part of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Jersey Zoo is one of the island’s leading attractions. Founded by renowned naturalist Gerald Durrell, Jersey Zoo is home to some of the world’s rarest species and the site is dedicated to the protection and conservation of these extraordinary animals. Jersey Zoo blows other zoos out of the park with its exciting events calendar and interactive experiences. The zoo hosts numerous animal encounter experiences including the opportunity to interact with meerkats, meet the orangutans and get up close to bats.

The best way to discover the animal kingdom, the world famous Keeper for the Day experience is the ultimate way to be immersed into zoo life. Jersey Zoo has so much to offer that it can easily be a multi-day experience and thankfully, the trust has accommodation options nearby. The best on offer is Durrell Wildlife Camp, a phenomenal glamping experience allowing guests to sleep in luxury and wake up to the sounds of the animals.

Trinity Shopping, Dining and Nightlife

St Peter Farm Shop

With so many great attractions on offer, shopping takes a back seat in Trinity but the parish does have an excellent selection of gift stores and farm shops. If you are in search of the perfect souvenir to take home with you or wanting to sample some of the island’s sensational local produce, you will find it in Trinity.

Dining in Trinity is also relatively laid-back with a handful of charming local pubs, quaint cafes and a great selection of seafood restaurants. The highlight of dining in Trinity can be found at Bouley Bay. Mad Mary’s Beach Cafe is an iconic dining location in Jersey, renowned for its famous Bouley Burgers and delicious hot chocolate.

Bouley Bay
St Helier

When it comes to nightlife, Trinity leaves the clubbing scene to nearby St Helier. Instead, the nightlife in Trinity is very relaxed with many local pubs and bars open until late with several offering entertainment including quiz nights and live acoustic music.

Trinity Sport and Events

Home to Bouley Bay, Trinity is a great destination for adventure. Water sports are abundant at Bouley Bay with kayaking, snorkelling and diving all popular activities in the area. Jersey’s only dive school, the Bouley Bay Dive Centre, takes all abilities and experiences out to explore the magnificent underwater world surrounding Jersey. The dive centre also hosts kayaking and paddle boarding excursions.

Trinity also has an exciting events calendar and hosts the island’s largest music festival, Weekender. Taking place in September, Weekender is the biggest summer festival in the Channel Islands. This family-friendly music festival welcomes some of the biggest names from across the globe with past acts including Stereophonics, The Jacksons, Sigala and Clean Bandit.

Trinity Transportation

Navigating Trinity by car is very easy with well-signposted roads and ample parking at top attractions. You can travel with your own vehicle to Jersey with Condor Ferries or alternatively, you can hire a car on arrival. Car rental is available through numerous companies with offices at the airport, ferry terminal and in St Helier.

Trinity is extremely well connected to the rest of the island by public transport. LibertyBus has an exceptional number of services running through the parish with services 2 and 4 travelling right through the heart of the parish. Select services on route 4 also stop at Bouley Bay. In addition, there is a further service that takes a more scenic route from St Helier through St Saviour and St Martin before making stops in central Trinity. This service, number 23, also calls at Jersey Zoo. There are also a further two services making stops at Jersey Zoo, numbers 3 and 13.

Cycling around Jersey is also a popular method of transportation around Trinity, particularly for those visiting Bouley Bay. Accessed only by a steep, winding road, cyclists frequent the area testing their endurance during the climb back to the top.

Tourist Attractions in Trinity

Fort Leicester

Jersey Zoo

Bouley Bay