Jersey on a Budget

The stunning Channel Island of Jersey can often be considered expensive to visit. With outstanding 5 star hotels, incredible spas and myriad exciting attractions, costs can quickly add up. However, whilst Jersey is certainly not the cheapest destination in the world, it is also a world away from the most expensive on Earth and sits somewhere in a happy medium. Jersey does offer impressive luxury holidays but budget trips can also be curated. The island can easily be visited and explored at a low cost with budget-friendly accommodation, cheap transportation and a selection of free activities. If you plan your island experience wisely, there is no doubt that you can have the most incredible time visiting Jersey on a budget.

Travelling to Jersey on a budget

Travelling to the destination is often one of the biggest costs of any holiday. Thankfully, if you are travelling from the UK, there are multiple options for getting to Jersey with tricks and deals to help knock the price down.

Air travel to Jersey on a budget

The most common way to travel to Jersey from the UK is by air with daily departures from multiple UK airports year-round. However, flight tickets are not always cheap and flying can take up a good portion of your holiday budget. With flights less than an hour from many UK airports, air fares are often considerably lower than if you were to travel to an international destination. Flight prices do vary depending on route, season and popularity but it is possible to bag a bargain flight.

Popular UK airports such as international hubs and city airports often have cheaper flight prices than smaller, regional airports. Large airports such as London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Birmingham offer a daily, year-round flight schedule to Jersey and are often the routes with the cheapest fares. Glasgow, London Luton and Manchester also offer a year-round service with a less frequent schedule. If you are close to or can travel to any of these airports, it is likely that you will secure a more affordable flight. Particularly if you live in or close to London, it is worth shopping around and checking fares from Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton to find the best deal.

Flight schedules also operate between Jersey and smaller UK airports, some year-round and some seasonal. Whilst seasonal flights from regional airports will typically have higher fares than larger international hubs, it is still possible to find an affordable flight for your budget holiday in Jersey. It is helpful to be flexible with your dates to find the cheapest price and flight comparison websites can also assist you with finding the best deal. You can search for fares across an entire month at a time to highlight the days when you can travel the cheapest.

When travelling to Jersey on a budget, you should also be mindful about your baggage allowance. If you require a check-in allowance, this will cut into your budget so if you can travel light with a carry-on only, you will save money. It is also worth noting that some UK airlines now also charge for a carry-on allowance larger than a small bag that fits under your seat. You may find a great deal on your flight fare that turns out not to be so much of a deal when you add on luggage. Make sure to research thoroughly.

Charges also now apply for airport check in with many UK airlines and it will save you money if you check in online in advance which is free of charge.

As part of The Common Travel Area and classified as a domestic flight from the UK, there is also no requirement for a passport to travel to Jersey so if yours has expired or you do not have one, you can still travel to Jersey without the cost of passport renewal or first passport charges. You can fly with another valid form of identification, check with your airline operator to confirm which identification is accepted.

Sea travel to Jersey on a budget

\As an alternative to flying to Jersey, you can also travel from the UK to Jersey by sea. Condor Ferries operates routes from both Poole and Portsmouth with numerous sailings per week. There are many ways in which travelling by sea can be more affordable than travelling by air.

Foot passengers travelling to Jersey by ferry will often find that fares are significantly cheaper than flying by air. Foot passengers also receive a 25kg luggage allowance included in the fare and can travel with bicycles free of charge. Travelling by ferry is a low-cost alternative way to travel to Jersey, particularly if you are travelling with luggage or a bicycle.

You can also travel with your own vehicle on Condor Ferries. This can help your visit to Jersey on a budget for multiple reasons. By travelling to Jersey with your own vehicle, there is no need to purchase car hire on arrival. You are free to explore Jersey at just the cost of fuel. Travelling with your own car can also save you money on transportation that you would have paid travelling to or from the airport at either end or considerable parking charges at your departure airport. In addition, if you are travelling with a vehicle, there is no limit on luggage allowance and you are free to travel with everything you want or need within your car.

Travelling around Jersey on a budget

Once you have arrived in Jersey, you need to figure out how to navigate the island. Thankfully, there are many affordable options for getting around Jersey on a budget.

Travelling with your own vehicle to Jersey on a budget

When you travel from the UK to Jersey by sea, you can travel with your own vehicle. If you plan on exploring Jersey by car, this will save you the cost of car hire when you arrive on the island. Your Jersey explorations will just cost you the fuel without the additional fees of car rental and insurance. If you plan to travel to Jersey with your own vehicle, there are some requirements in place. You can find more about them on our Jersey Travel page.

Car hire in Jersey on a budget

Whilst car hire is likely to be one of the most expensive ways to get around Jersey, it is possible to find affordable options that fit within the budget. Jersey is home to numerous car hire companies offering everything from prestigious rentals to budget-friendly vehicles. Price comparison websites can help you find the best deal on car hire in Jersey by analysing options from multiple car hire companies on the island. It is worth noting that you will also pay slightly more to hire directly from a company on-site at the airport and it will help your budget if you choose a company that requires shuttle transportation to collect your car.

Car hire companies can also be found in St Helier, ideal if you do not require a vehicle for the entire duration of your budget holiday in Jersey. If you plan on spending most of your time in a central location, you may find that car hire could be a waste of money. You can organise car hire exclusively for the day or days you want to explore instead of hiring for the duration of the trip and this will significantly reduce your car hire costs.

Public transportation in Jersey on a budget

Public transportation is one of the cheapest ways to get around Jersey and LibertyBus is an exceptional transportation system. LibertyBus offers frequent, reliable and convenient transportation with routes across the island, the majority of which depart from Liberation Station in St Helier. Tickets can be purchased both on board and at Liberation Station. Single, multi-day and family tickets are all available and it is advised to purchase any multi-day tickets at the station to receive a durable card rather than a paper ticket which is supplied on board. LibertyBus operates a flat fare policy on all routes across the island. If you need to change buses to reach your destination, make sure you ask for a transfer ticket on purchase so you do not have to pay again on the next bus. The transfer ticket is valid for one hour from the point of purchase. Fares paid by contactless are cheaper than paying with cash and children under five travel for free. Timetables can be found online or are available from Liberation Station.

Cycling and walking in Jersey on a budget

The best way to get around Jersey on a budget is to cycle or walk because it is free. Navigating the island on two wheels or two feet is the most cost-efficient way to explore Jersey. St Helier and the surrounding areas are very easy to navigate on foot whilst there are also numerous hiking and cycling trails across the island including almost 50 miles of ‘Green Lanes’ that prioritise pedestrians and cyclists over vehicles. Maps and route information for both walking and cycling can be found online or available at the Jersey Tourist Information Centre.

If you are travelling by sea, Condor Ferries allow bicycles on board free of charge and some hotels rent bicycles for a refundable deposit. Alternatively, numerous shops can be found across the island offering both short term and long term bike hire with a variety of different bicycle options.

Accommodation on a budget in Jersey

Regardless of where you are travelling to, accommodation is guaranteed to take up the majority of your budget and Jersey is no exception. The key to budget holidays in Jersey is to find an affordable accommodation option and thankfully, Jersey has an incredible selection.

Hotels in Jersey on a budget

Whilst choosing a hotel or guest house is likely to be the most expensive accommodation option on the island, there are many budget-friendly options in Jersey. You can find cheap hotels scattered across the island in both central locations and remote areas. Most cheap hotels come with basic yet comfortable rooms and limited facilities but you can also find numerous cheap hotels that offer more bang for their buck. Check out our cheap hotels in Jersey page for more information on affordable hotels on the island.

Self-catering accommodation in Jersey on a budget

Self-catering is often a highly affordable accommodation option that comes with the added benefits of space and privacy. Self-catering accommodation requires guests to be self-sufficient and there is likely to be no on-site service available unless you choose a large self-catering resort. Self-catering is also a great option because it provides fully equipped kitchens allowing you to cook your own food instead of eating out which is a great help to your budget. For more information on self-catering in Jersey, head to this page.

Hostels in Jersey on a budget

Jersey is home to just two hostels but they are two of the most budget-friendly accommodation options on the island. The Jersey Accommodation and Activity Centre offers both private rooms and dormitories with great communal facilities throughout, a great place to stay for those in search of an active Jersey holiday on a budget. Alternatively, Durrell Wildlife Hostel boasts an outstanding location in the grounds of Durrell Wildlife Park with excellent facilities and a single entry ticket to Jersey Zoo included in the room rate. Both hostels in Jersey are incredible low-cost accommodation options.

Camping in Jersey

The cheapest accommodation option for your budget holiday in Jersey is camping and the island offers some incredible campsites. Not only is camping great on the budget, it is a phenomenal way to get to know the heart of the island when you are sleeping in nature. Jersey offers an incredible collection of campsites including luxury glamping grounds, family-friendly locations and highly affordable sites. Whilst there are many incredible campsites on the island, Bayview Campsite at Jersey Accommodation and Activity Centre is undoubtedly a highlight thanks to its remarkable on-site facilities. Click here for more information about camping in Jersey.

Dining on a budget in Jersey

During any holiday, the cost of dining can quickly add up and eat into your budget. Whilst on your budget holiday in Jersey, there are great low-cost options that will help you save money on dining.

Self-catering in Jersey on a budget

Self-catering is an incredibly affordable way to manage food cost when visiting Jersey on a budget. The island has an incredible number of self-catering accommodation options with fully equipped kitchens allowing you to easily cook for yourself following a trip to the local supermarket. You can also enjoy self-catering if you are staying in a hotel or somewhere without an equipped kitchen by purchasing sandwiches and meal deals in stores or putting together a picnic instead of dining in restaurants. In addition, campsites often have great bbq facilities.

Hotel dining in Jersey on a budget

Dining in your hotel can be expensive but it is worth checking with your reception to see if there are any deals or discounts for hotel guests. Many hotels and b&b’s come with breakfast included in the rate so make sure to check your room rate to see if breakfast is included.

Dine in rural and local locations in Jersey on a budget

Restaurants in the centre of the capital, along the seafront and in the heart of Jersey’s charming villages are guaranteed to be the most expensive dining locations on the island. It is best to avoid these popular and central locations for dining instead opting for a rural or more local location away from the hustle and bustle for a cheaper menu.

Things to do in Jersey on a budget

Of course, the highlight of Jersey is the exceptional selection of activities and things to do on the island. Whilst Jersey does feature a number of exciting attractions that come at a premium, the main focus of the island is its stunning nature and there are therefore an incredible number of cheap and free things to do in Jersey.

Jersey museums

The island has an incredibly rich history and heritage with numerous fascinating museums scattered across Jersey. If you plan for your visit to Jersey to involve a spot of culture, the Jersey Heritage Pass is highly recommended. The pass is great value for money offering unlimited access to four of Jersey’s best visitor sites for the price of three. You can use the Jersey Heritage Pass at the following sites:

  • Mont Orgueil Castle
  • Elizabeth Castle
  • Jersey Museum & Art Gallery and Victorian House
  • Maritime Museum & Occupation Tapestry Gallery
  • Hamptonne Country Life Museum
  • La Hougue Bie

Jersey Zoo

The impressive Jersey Zoo is one of the most affordable animal parks in Europe with adult admission under £20. The incredible wildlife park is home to over 130 different species including some of the world’s rarest and most endangered animals. At Jersey Zoo, you will find incredible primates, tropical birds, cheeky meerkats, beautiful flamingos, fascinating amphibians, magnificent bears and so much more.

Visit Jersey Self-Guided Walks

Walking in Jersey is a very popular activity with beautiful scenery, incredible walking routes and safe Green Lanes. The island is home to an abundance of phenomenal hiking and cycling trails, perfect for endless exploration. Visit Jersey’s Self-Guided Walks are an ideal introduction into the walking routes available on the island. Not only do they highlight the route, they also provide details of bus routes at both the start and end of the walk. A great resource for your first explorations of Jersey on foot.

Enjoy a beach day

Jersey is renowned for its phenomenal beaches found on all four coasts of the island. Offering the climate of a Mediterranean destination and the vibe of a classic seaside town, Jersey’s beaches are the perfect location for a cheap and cheerful day out. It costs no money to enjoy playing in the sand, relaxing on the beach and swimming in the sea. If you are travelling with little ones, there is no need to chip into the budget for beach toys as  ‘Borrow A Bucket’ boxes are now available at select Jersey beaches. Once a family has finished using their beach equipment such as buckets, spades and other toys, they can donate it to the box for another family to enjoy. The scheme is free to use and can be found at the following locations:

  • St Aubin’s Bay
  • St Brelade’s Bay
  • Plemont Bay
  • Long Beach
  • Greve de Lecq
  • West Park
  • Bel Royal
  • Gunsite
  • Les Laveurs

Have a picnic at The Elms

This 18th century farmhouse is the National Trust for Jersey headquarters with a visitor’s centre open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. During this time, you can explore the farmyard, pressoir, boulangerie and walled garden free of charge. A perfect and low-cost way to spend an afternoon is to enjoy a picnic in the apple orchard.

Explore The Central and Beresford Street Markets

Stroll through the markets in St Helier for a true taste of island life. Interact with locals, sample the island produce and even purchase some low-cost ingredients to whip up a budget-friendly meal at your self-catering accommodation.

Discover The Forgotten Forest

This hidden gem near Val de Mar Reservoir is the place to discover the unique plants and unusual trees in the forgotten forest that was left neglected until 2012. The forest is the perfect spot for wildlife and nature lovers with a mystical atmosphere.

Dive into the island’s war history

Jersey has a rich war history as an island under Nazi occupation during the Second World War. The island is bursting with war sites including coastal artillery batteries. The most accessible and best preserved are Battery Molke in St Ouen and Battery Lothringen in St Brelade, two fascinating sites to explore.