Jersey Weather

What Makes Jersey Weather So Special?

Jersey boasts the warmest summers and mildest winters in the British Isle, Jersey weather is British weather at its best.  The closest thing the UK has to a Mediterranean climate, Jersey summers are warm and comfortable with average temperatures of around 20c falling to 16c in late September.

The most popular holiday season is from May until the end of September and the summer days are bright and relatively sunny whilst the summer evenings remain warm and pleasant without any hint of humidity.

There can also be summer rainfall and often heavy showers, but usually these are brief.  Visitors should therefore pack accordingly and expect a wet spell or two.

Winters are much cooler and wetter but are the mildest in the UK and although the days may be short and feel a bit chilly, Jersey does not suffer from the near freezing temperatures regularly found elsewhere in the UK.  Average winter temperatures are 5C – 8C and 2 hours of sunshine each day on average.