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St John is a historic parish in the north of Jersey offering some of the best views on the island from its cliffs of the north coast.  It features the second highest point on Jersey, Mont Mado, at 473 ft high.  St John is a mainly rural parish with a rugged coastline and there are many interesting attractions to see in this parish.  You’ll find Bonne Nuit Bay which is a popular fishing spot.

Watch the fishing boats, relax on the beach and once a year enjoy the Sark to Jersey rowing race which finishes in the harbour.  The well known Cheval Roc is in the centre of the Bay, and it used to be thought good luck to row around the rock on Midsummer’s Day!

The centre point of Jersey falls in the parish of St John and is marked by a fascinating stone in Rue des Servais.

On the coast are Wolf’s Caves which were used in the past by smugglers.  These make a great place to explore and can only be reached via a very steep and treacherous path.

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