Jersey Travel

In a prime location between the UK and Western Europe, Jersey is an ideal destination for tourists looking for weekend breaks, long family trips and adventure holidays. With short travel times and convenient schedules, Jersey travel could not be more of a breeze. Whether you are travelling to Jersey by air or by sea, you have a great range of options in terms of travel days, times and departure destinations. Arriving into Jersey is also incredibly straightforward with Jersey Airport located less than five miles from St Helier, well connected by public transport and offering numerous car hire options on site. Meanwhile, the ferry port Elizabeth Terminal is located centrally in St Helier and served by both Condor Ferries and Manches Iles Express. Not to mention, once you have arrived, the island is incredibly easy to navigate and find your way around. Travelling both to and around Jersey is convenient and simple, making your Jersey holiday a breeze.

What Documents do I Need to Travel to Jersey?

Before you travel, it is advised that you check the validity of your passport or identification. If you are not using your passport, please check the accepted forms of identification with your airline or ferry operator. If you are travelling with a car or pet, also make sure you have all the correct documentation required for entering and travelling around Jersey.

It is advised to confirm COVID-19 travel requirements prior to departure. As requirements and guidelines are subject to change, it is therefore advised to check the guidance for entering Jersey, any country you are travelling from or through and the requirements of the airline or ferry operator you are travelling with. Further COVID-19 travel advice can be found below. With the status of COVID-19 constantly changing, it is also worthwhile checking the latest guidance for Jersey so you know what to expect and follow guidance when you arrive.

To save you time on arrival, it is also best to have a plan in place of how you will be getting to your accommodation. Jersey Airport offers car hire options, public transport, taxi services and private transfers. Car hire, taxi services and private transfers can all be booked in advance. Elizabeth Terminal is located centrally in St Helier and within walking distance of many hotels as well as public transport links. The central transport hub Liberation Station is a 10 minute walk from the ferry terminal. A taxi rank is available 50 feet from the terminal, however, availability is limited so it is recommended to pre-book a taxi service. Car hire options are also available and companies will meet customers at the terminal before transferring to the depot for car collection. If you are bringing your own car into Jersey, a satnav is beneficial to help you navigate your way to your Jersey accommodation.

Do You Need a Passport to go to Jersey?

Yes, as all arrivals to Jersey will be arriving by air or plane, passports or an alternative accepted form of identification will be required to travel with your chosen airline operator.

For UK and Irish citizens, identification is not required for entry to Jersey as it falls under The Common Travel Area, however, identification will be required to board a flight or ferry. Please confirm accepted forms of identification directly with the airline or carrier.

For EU nationals, a valid passport will be required for entry into Jersey, however, a visa is not required.

If you are not a UK or EU national, you will require a valid passport and visa requirements vary by country of citizenship. Please check for information regarding visas and travel requirements for foreign nationals.

Does a Child Need a Passport to go to Jersey?

No, a child under the age of 16 years is not formally required to have a passport or identification if travelling with a parent or guardian.

Do You Need Passport for Jersey by Ferry?

Yes, passports or an alternative accepted form of identification will be required to travel with your chosen ferry operator.

Can You Take Dogs to Jersey?

Yes. Dogs and other pets do not need to have a pet passport or other documentation to travel to Jersey from the UK (including Northern Ireland). However, your pet must have landed legally in the UK if originating from abroad. There is no requirement for your pet to have had any vaccinations to enter Jersey.

For passengers travelling by ferry with a pet, no documentation is required for carrying your pets from the UK. However, pets arriving by ferry from France will require additional documentation to depart France and arrive in Jersey. Pets travelling from Europe must comply with the Pet Travel Scheme which allows pets to travel through the UK and European countries without the need for quarantine. Failure to comply with the Pet Travel Scheme may result in your pet being refused entry or held in quarantine. To comply with the Pet Travel Scheme, pets must:

  • Be microchipped
  • Have a valid pet passport certified by a veterinarian
  • Be vaccinated against rabies
  • Receive treatment for tapeworm prior to travel

The Common Travel Area

The Common Travel Area is a long-standing open borders arrangement between the UK, Crown Dependencies and Ireland. The arrangement allows freedom of travel between the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. UK and Irish citizens can freely travel throughout The Common Travel Area without a requirement to carry identification for travel or immigration purposes. It is not a requirement for UK and Irish citizens to carry a passport or any other identification during their travel around The Common Travel Area.

However, airlines and ferry companies do require identification for travel regardless of The Common Travel Area. All passengers travelling to Jersey via air or sea will be required to present identification of some form in order to travel. This identification does not need to be a passport as other forms of identification are also accepted and it is advised to confirm accepted identification with your airline or carrier prior to travel.

COVID-19 Jersey Travel Requirements

As of the 7th February 2022, any previous travel requirements in relation to COVID-19 under the Safe Travel Policy are suspended. Border requirements are in line with pre-pandemic requirements and no testing or isolation is required on arrival in Jersey regardless of vaccination status. Arrivals into Jersey are also no longer required to complete a travel tracker. The suspension of the Safe Travel Policy remains under review and is subject to change.

For passengers travelling by air, Jersey Airport requires all passengers over the age of 6 to wear a face covering at all times with the exception of eating, drinking and those who are exempt. This requirement applies to both arrivals and departures. Only those travelling are permitted to enter the terminal building, physical distancing remains in place and hand sanitising stations are available throughout the airport.

For passengers travelling by sea, in line with public transport guidance, face coverings must be worn at all times with the exception of eating and drinking unless exempt. Sanitising stations are available throughout the ship, seating is currently allocated and all payments on board are currently contactless. Foot passengers travelling with Condor Ferries are required to complete contactless check-in with either an e-boarding card or via the Condor Ferries app.

Your airline or ferry operator should email you all of the latest guidance and requirements for travelling prior to departure.

As guidelines, requirements and restrictions are subject to change and updated regularly, please confirm the latest travel guidance for arriving into and departing Jersey prior to travel. Please also confirm any travel guidance from your departure country and with your airline or ferry operator.

You must not travel to Jersey if you have COVID-19 symptoms or before completing the isolation period from a positive diagnosis.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Jersey?

Travel insurance is not a mandatory requirement to travel to Jersey. It is recommended you take out travel insurance for Jersey to cover you for healthcare costs or medical treatment. If you do not have any travel insurance cover in Jersey then you will need to pay for medical treatment required during your stay.

Travel nsurance will also provide you with protection against travel delays, loss, or damage to personal effects, the cost of assistance including repatriation in the event of illness, accident, or death and personal travel cover for cancellation of journeys for reasons beyond the travel operators control.

Jersey Travel by Air from the UK

The quickest and easiest way to travel from the UK to Jersey is by plane. Jersey is well connected to the UK by air with many UK airports offering a regular flight schedule to the island. With many flight times between Jersey and the UK under an hour, travelling to Jersey by air from the UK is quick, easy and convenient. A variety of airlines operate flights to Jersey either year-round or seasonal with connections across the UK including Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A year round service is operated from a number of the UK’s large international airports with regular and often daily schedules. Daily flights are available from the following airports:

  • Birmingham (Blue Islands)
  • Bristol (Blue Islands)
  • East Midlands (Blue Islands)
  • Exeter (Blue Islands)
  • London Gatwick (easyJet)
  • London Heathrow (British Airways)
  • Southampton (Blue Islands)

With less frequent flights operating at a minimum of twice weekly, year-round flights are also available from the following UK airports:

  • Glasgow (easyJet)
  • Liverpool (easyJet)
  • London Luton (easyJet)
  • Manchester (easyJet)

In addition to Jersey’s year-round schedule of arriving flights from the UK, during the Summer months, a selection of seasonal flights are also available from a number of regional airports. The Summer timetable offers convenient travel from more destinations offering maximum choice for holidaymakers. Flights during peak season are also available from:

  • Belfast (easyJet)
  • Humberside (Eastern Airways)
  • Leeds Bradford (Jet2)
  • London City (British Airways)
  • London Stansted (Jet2)
  • Newcastle (EasyJet and Jet2)
  • Newquay (Blue Islands)
  • Norwich (Blue Islands)
  • Teesside (Eastern Airways)

Jersey Travel by Sea from the UK

Condor Ferry to Jersey

Visitors travelling from the UK to Jersey can also take advantage of regular sea links from both Poole and Portsmouth docking at Condor Ferries Jersey Terminal in St Helier. You can travel to Jersey via ferry either with a car or as a foot passenger on Condor Ferries. Travelling by ferry with a car gives you the freedom to explore Jersey in your own vehicle, bring any four-legged friends with you and enjoy no luggage restrictions. Travelling as a foot passenger is often more budget-friendly than flying as well as having a 25kg personal luggage allowance which is significantly more generous than that of airlines. Foot passengers do not need to pay for transporting a bicycle with them and for an additional charge, other large items can also be transported including camping gear, filming equipment, and surfboards.

Condor Ferries offers excellent on-board facilities including Wi-Fi, a children’s tv room, a duty free shop, and a number of dining options. Travelling by sea also offers the benefit of travelling with stunning panoramic views from the ship’s lounge and decks as well as the opportunity to enjoy a scenic approach to Jersey.

Poole offers a regular twice weekly service year round increasing to 4 times a week during peak season with a 4 hour journey time. Meanwhile, travelling from Portsmouth is longer at 10 hours and 20 minutes but more frequent with 6 sailings per week with one daily from Monday to Saturday.

Jersey Travel by air from the Channel Islands

Jersey is connected to neighbouring Channel Island, Guernsey, by air. Blue Islands operate a year-round daily flight schedule with flights up to three times a day. The flight from Guernsey to Jersey is short and convenient with just a 20 minute flight time.

There are no direct flights between Jersey and any of the other Channel Islands. Flights from Jersey to Alderney have one change and require a stop-over at either Guernsey or Southampton. The islands of Sark and Herm do not have their own airports.

Jersey Travel by Sea from the Channel Islands

Jersey is well connected by sea to the neighbouring Channel Islands. The most frequent service is between Jersey and Guernsey with sailings operated by both Condor Ferries and Manches Iles Express. Condor Ferries operate 6 sailings a week with a journey time of 2 hours whilst Manches Iles Express has a shorter sailing time of 1 hour and 20 minutes with 4 sailings per week. During the Summer months, Condor Ferries also operate daily high-speed sailings onboard Condor Voyager getting passengers from Guernsey to Jersey in under an hour. All three sailing options currently sail along the one route between St Peter Port and St Helier.

In addition to its ferry service from Guernsey, Manches Iles Express also operates a ferry service to Jersey from Alderney via Guernsey and direct from Sark.

Condor Ferries offer exceptional facilities on board including WiFi, dining locations and a duty free store. Manches Iles Express is a regional service with smaller boats and fewer facilities, however, the ships offer a duty free shop and a small cafe.

Manches Iles Express does not transport vehicles or pets and is a foot passenger service only. You can travel on Manches Iles Express with a bicycle which can be pre-booked for an additional charge. Condor Ferries allows vehicles, pets and bicycles on board, all for no additional charge.

Jersey Travel by Air from Europe

Jet2 to Jersey

Jersey Airport offers links to a selection of European destinations connecting the island by air to Ireland, Germany and Spain. The island also has links to several archipelagos with popular tourist destinations including the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and Madeira.

A year round service is available to Jersey from the following European airports:

  • Funchal, Madeira (Estrela Travel)
  • Malaga, Spain (Fly Direct)
  • Tenerife, Canary Islands (Fly Direct)

When the peak season rolls around, the following airports also offer seasonal flights:

  • Dublin, Ireland (Aer Lingus and Blue Islands)
  • Dusseldorf, Germany (Euro Wings)
  • Lubeck, Germany (Lubeck Air)
  • Munich, Germany (Lufthansa)
  • Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands (Fly Direct)

All flights via Malaga, Tenerife and Mallorca are with BA CityFlyer through Fly Direct, a tour operator specialising in direct flights to and from Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Jersey Travel by Sea from Europe

As Jersey is just 14 miles off the coast of France, it is surprising that no airlines operate flights between France and Jersey. However, visitors from France can travel to the island quickly by sea.

Condor Ferries currently operate a regular route from St Malo in France to St Helier. This high-speed ferry crossing on board Condor Voyager has a journey time of just 1 hour and 25 minutes. The direct route operates 3 days a week during the Winter running Friday to Sunday with additional sailings on alternative days during any school holidays. The route also increases to daily sailings between the peak season of July and September.

Condor Ferries allow passengers to take cars and pets on board with them. European travellers boarding the ferry with a vehicle need to provide an international driving permit and a country sticker in addition to a driving licence and insurance documentation. Travellers transporting pets from France to Jersey need to provide documentation that their animal complies with the Pet Travel Scheme.

In addition to the route between St Malo and St Helier, Manches Iles Express operates a ferry service between Jersey and Granville in the French department of Manche in Normandy. The crossing takes just 1 hour and 25 minutes and runs year round. The weekly schedules vary but sailings are a minimum of twice weekly with up to 9 sailings per week. Daily crossings are available between July and September. Manches Iles Express does not transport cars or pets but bicycles can be carried for an additional charge.

Getting Around Jersey

Once you have arrived in Jersey, your next travel step is how to get around. The island has great options for car hire and an excellent public transport system with walking and cycling are also popular transportation methods to explore the island.

Car Hire in Jersey

The easiest way to navigate Jersey is by car and with so many car hire companies across the island, vehicle rental could not be more straightforward. Car hire is a great option for visitors to Jersey who want the freedom of driving but are flying to the island and therefore cannot take their own car. Car hire is available directly from the airport, ferry terminal and central locations across Jersey. It is advised to pre-book your car hire option prior to travelling however, vehicles are also available if you decide at the last minute to rent a vehicle.

Europcar, Hertz and Avis all have dedicated desks in the departures terminal at Jersey Airport with cars on site. All other car hire companies will meet you at arrivals and transfer you to their vehicle collection office. Elizabeth Terminal at Jersey Harbour does not have on-site car hire options and companies will meet you at the terminal to transfer you to their depot.

To rent a vehicle, you will require a valid driving licence, a credit or debit card and international travellers will also need an international driving permit. A charge will be applied to your credit or debit card as insurance against the car and will be released on a satisfactory return of the vehicle. Some companies only accept credit cards so please double check this with the car hire company if you are planning to use a debit card. Car hire companies have different driver requirements and it is therefore advised to confirm with the individual company but most require drivers to be over the age of 25 and have held a full driving licence for a minimum of 1 year.

Bringing Your Own Car to Jersey

If you would prefer to navigate Jersey in your own vehicle, you can do so. You can bring your own vehicle to Jersey when travelling by sea with Condor Ferries. Condor Ferries allow transportation of cars to Jersey on all services from the UK, Channel Islands and France.

For UK citizens bringing their own car from the UK or a neighbouring Channel Island, you will need both a valid driving licence and valid vehicle insurance.

For international citizens bringing their own car from France, you will need a valid driving licence, valid vehicle insurance and an international driving permit.

All cars entering Jersey require a country identifier displayed clear on the rear of your vehicle. The country identifier should include both the letter code and flag of the country. If your vehicle displays a country identifier as part of the licence plate, an additional sticker is not required.

Please note, for vehicles from the UK, the GB sticker is no longer valid as of September 2021 and must be replaced by a UK sticker to comply with UK and European laws. An additional sticker is required for UK vehicles with a licence plate identifier stating ‘GB’ or ‘EU’ which must now be supported with a UK sticker.

Public Transport in Jersey

Jersey has an excellent public transport system with a regular, reliable service operated by Liberty Bus. Liberty Bus has a variety of routes across the island including frequent connections from the airport and ferry terminal to central locations and points of interest. Tickets can be purchased both on board and at Liberation Station in St Helier. SIngle, multi-day and family tickets are all available and it is advised to purchase any multi-day tickets at the station to receive a durable card rather than a paper ticket which would be obtained should you purchase on board. Timetables can be found online or are available from Liberation Station.

Please note, face coverings are currently mandatory on public transport in Jersey.

Cycling and Walking in Jersey

A great way to explore the island is by getting out into nature and discovering Jersey by foot or bike. Jersey has great walking routes and cycling trails including almost 50 miles of ‘Green Lanes’ that prioritise pedestrians and cyclists over vehicles. Maps and route information for both walking and cycling can be found online or available at the Jersey Tourist Information Centre. If you are travelling by sea, Condor Ferries allow bicycles on board free of charge whilst Manches Iles Express has a small additional charge. Alternatively, numerous shops can be found across the island offering both short term and long term bike hire with a variety of different bicycle options.