Coach Holidays to Jersey

Coach holidays make exploring Jersey a breeze with every element of your island break conveniently rolled up into one package. From your UK departure to your Jersey adventures, everything is taken care of including transportation, accommodation and even in-destination itineraries. Regardless of whether your coach holiday travels by air or sea, a Jersey coach holiday has guidance and assistance from start to finish. A coach holiday to Jersey is not only about the destination, it’s also about the journey. For those who like to travel slowly and enjoy getting there, a coach holiday is undoubtedly the perfect way to visit Jersey.

Reasons to Choose a Jersey Coach Holiday

Whilst coach holidays are experiencing a steady decline due to the convenience of alternative ways to travel, coach holidays to Jersey keep on thriving. In fact, following the pandemic, coach holidays to Jersey have soared with a greater number of travellers choosing to travel closer to home than venture on international holidays. As one of the most budget-friendly ways to travel to Jersey, coach holidays to the charming Channel Islands is an area of the industry that is booming. There are so many reasons to choose a Jersey coach holiday that it may be easier to answer why not to.

Hassle-free Travel

When you book a coach holiday, every element of your experience is included in the package. From your departure right through to your arrival back at home, a coach holiday includes everything from transportation and accommodation to daily itineraries and activities. Travel is made simple with a coach holiday as the thinking is done for you and you are advised where to be and when at every point of the experience. A dedicated travel agent plans your entire Jersey holiday experience and all you need to do is purchase it all neatly packaged. A coach holiday takes all the stress out of planning, booking and travelling so all you need to do is enjoy a relaxing holiday experience.

Guided Travel

With the majority of coach holiday providers, you will be travelling with a guide who is an expert not only in coach holidays but also in the destination you are visiting. When visiting a new destination, it can be incredibly easy for travel anxiety to creep in but all that is eased on a coach holiday. The guides travelling on your coach holiday have all the knowledge you could possibly need to navigate your holiday without the stress of having to do it all yourself. Not only will you receive assistance throughout your travel and at your accommodation but you are travelling with someone who knows the island well and can share all their fascinating insights.

Value for Money

With everything included in one package price, a coach holiday is outstanding value for money. One of the most budget-friendly ways to travel, a coach holiday is typically cheaper than booking independently as coach companies can secure great deals and pass the savings on to you. We all want to save money when we travel and choosing a coach holiday is a great option allowing us to travel more often or have more spending money at our disposal.

The Social Side

If you like to meet and interact with new people, a coach holiday is perfect for you. On a coach holiday, you spend a lot of time with your fellow travellers and holidaymakers who travel by coach are typically open to making new friends. Solo travellers in particular enjoy the companionship of a coach holiday as you travel along with a little on-board community. You will share the experience and can even come away with newly-formed friendships.

Reduces your Eenvironmental Impact

In the 21st century, we are aware now more than ever of our impact on the environment. Even the smallest steps taken to reduce our carbon footprint can make a big impact and a coach holiday is one way we can reduce our environmental impact without compromising on the travel experience. Coach travel is one of the best travel solutions available resulting in fewer cars and decreasing the carbon footprint if all passengers were to travel individually. Many modern coaches are also more eco-friendly and compliant with low emission requirements so you can rest assured that you can enjoy travelling without a significant environmental impact.

Enjoy the Journey

Travel is not only about the destination, it is also about the journey. A coach holiday takes away any journey hassle and allows you to unwind from the moment you board the coach. Instead of the stress of getting there, this slower way to travel allows you to enjoy the passing scenery, lose yourself in a good book, get to know fellow travellers or even take a snooze.

What to Expect from a Jersey Coach Holiday

A coach holiday is a completely different way to travel than doing it yourself. If this is your first time embarking on a coach holiday, you may be wondering what to expect from the experience. Thankfully, a coach holiday is an incredibly laid back affair and the experience is one you will no doubt want to repeat but there are some aspects you may want to take into consideration.

Longer Travel

When travelling by coach, the overall journey is going to take longer, not only because of the method of transport but also due to the number of people travelling together. Whilst this is one of the great advantages of coach holidays by allowing you to travel slow and appreciate the experience, it may take novice coach travellers by surprise if used to a faster paced holiday. Modern coaches offer extra comfort and great onboard facilities but you may want to consider that you will experience long periods of travel time onboard. Plan accordingly and make sure you have plenty of snacks, drinks and entertainment to keep you going between stops.


On a coach holiday, you are travelling in a little community and there is no doubt you will get chatting to fellow travellers at some point. Coach holidays are great for those wanting to meet new people and socialise so you can expect a fair amount of interaction with your fellow travellers. However, this may be tricky to navigate for introverts or those who prefer to keep to themselves but if you are aware of it in advance, it makes it a lot easier to roll with.

Group Dining

Classified as group travel, in some cases when on a coach holiday, it may be expected to dine together. At select accommodation, coach holidays may be grouped together for dining but this is not always the case. When booking your coach holiday, you can ask the company whether group dining is expected at the accommodation you are at.


Whilst a coach holiday is a laid back way to travel and planned for you, a degree of personal organisation is required. On a coach holiday, there are specific times and places where you need to be. It is not as easy just to go with the flow as you may when you travel independently. It is crucial that your free time is well-planned and that you keep an eye on the time. Although there is a certain degree of structure to a coach holiday, it is not necessary for you to participate in every element. The only thing to ensure is that you are where you need to be for the important parts so that the coach does not leave without you.


With many coach holidays, a scheduled itinerary is part of your experience when you arrive at your destination. Most activities are typically included in the package price of your coach holiday and the majority of the time, you can enjoy adventure and exploration at no additional charge. However, just because it is included in the price does not mean you have to be involved. If a certain part of the itinerary is not to your liking, you can skip it. If you need some downtime alone, take it. Or if there is somewhere you must visit that is not scheduled as part of your coach holiday, there is no need to miss out. Whilst you will get a certain amount of free time as standard on your coach holiday, you are also free to skip out on any other elements. At the end of the day, it is your holiday to enjoy as you please, just ensure you know where to meet back and when.

Travel Sickness

If you are not one to suffer from travel sickness then happy days but if you are, there is no reason to let it put you off a coach holiday. Whilst those prone to travel sickness may likely experience nausea or sickness on a coach holiday, it is easily prevented. There are so many products on the market designed to reduce or eliminate travel sickness including tablets and bands. You can also travel with any items that will help you in the event that you do feel sick such as ginger ale or arrowroot biscuits. Although a coach holiday would trigger travel sickness, there is no reason why you could not still enjoy this method of travel.

Jersey Coach Holidays by Air

There are many ways to enjoy a Jersey coach holiday including options to travel by air. With short journey times from the UK, flying to Jersey is typically the quickest and most convenient way to travel. There are a few options for coach holidays that include air travel and it is important to find the one that suits you.

Some coach companies offer a complete in-destination coach holiday excluding transportation from the UK. This means that upon your arrival in Jersey, everything is taken care of but you will need to travel from the UK independently. Whilst this option may provide an excellent Jersey experience, it takes away some of the hassle-free benefit of a coach holiday with the need to plan, book and navigate your own journey to the island.

Some coach holiday packages start the coach portion of the holiday on arrival in Jersey but still include the air travel. This means that with the exception of the transfer to your departure airport, every element of the holiday is included in the package. If air travel is included in the price of the coach holiday, you will still need to get to your departure airport independently and airport choice can be limited. Many coach companies who offer this service include departure flights from Southampton or Birmingham only.

Jersey Coach Holidays by Sea

The most common way for a coach holiday to travel to Jersey is by sea. Travelling to Jersey by sea offers the full benefits of a coach holiday including pick-up and transportation from close to home. There is no need to make your own way to the ferry terminal as the coach will pick you up and travel with you by sea before embarking on your Jersey adventure.

Condor Ferries operates two routes from the UK to Jersey departing from Poole and Portsmouth. The port you depart from will depend on where you are travelling from and the day you are travelling. The port you are travelling from will also have a significant impact on your travel time so it is advised to check prior to booking. Journey times from Poole to Jersey are just 4 hours, however, the travel time from Portsmouth is significantly longer at 10 hours.

On arrival at the port, the coach will check in before boarding the ferry. Once boarded, passengers disembark the coach and enjoy the ship’s facilities throughout the journey. Condor Ferries offers excellent on-board facilities including duty-free, restaurants, bars and a children’s play area. Your luggage will remain safely stowed on the coach allowing you to explore the ship baggage-free. After you have enjoyed a relaxed crossing, head back to the coach ready for disembarkation. On arrival in Jersey, your coach will continue on to the chosen accommodation dropping you off at the front door.

Jersey coach holidays by sea are the most common and convenient Jersey coach holiday available from the UK. Picking you up from a departure point close to home, crossing the English Channel with you and dropping you off directly at your hotel, a coach holiday to Jersey is the ultimate convenience with pretty much door-to-door travel.

Best Jersey Coach Holiday Companies


Air travel: UK-wide departures

This in-destination operator offers two exciting itineraries for coach holidays in Jersey. Offering holidays throughout the summer months of June to September, Leger provides an in-destination Jersey experience inclusive of air travel from the UK. On arrival in Jersey, your executive Leger coach will pick you up from the airport and transfer you directly to your hotel. Enjoy multiple days exploring the breathtaking island of Jersey by coach before being returned to the airport on departure day. Alternatively, Leger also offers an event coach holiday in the months of May and September specifically dedicated to Jersey’s occupation during the Second World War. The May departure includes attendance to Liberation Day festivities whilst the September departure includes the Battle of Britain Air Display.


Sea travel: UK-wide departures

Shearings is one of the best coach holiday operators offering the complete Jersey coach holiday package. With an extensive choice of departure points from across the UK, travel by coach and sea before arriving at your accommodation in Jersey. The week-long coach holiday offered by Shearings includes a full day tour of the island by coach on the first day followed by free time up until your departure. Shearings offers the best of both worlds with a conveniently packaged holiday, guided tour of the island and ample free time to enjoy Jersey’s offerings independently.

National Holidays

Sea travel: North England, Yorkshire and Midlands departures

An iconic coach holiday operator in the North of England, National Holidays is returning in 2023 with an exciting collection of itineraries that includes Jersey. Offering departures from the North East, North West, Yorkshire and Midlands, National Holidays has been the leading coach holiday operator in the North of England for decades. The best-value coach holiday operator in the UK, National Holidays offers exciting six-night breaks to Jersey travelling by sea and inclusive of multiple excursions on the island. National Holidays will also be operating air travel coach holidays to the Channel Islands from 2023 with a brand new collection of Jersey itineraries.

Harry Shaw

Sea travel: Warwickshire departures

With UK departure and sea crossing, Harry Shaw is one of the leading coach holiday operators with trips to Jersey. Operating with departures from Warwickshire, Harry Shaw crosses exclusively from Poole for a shorter travel time and is inclusive of half-board accommodation for five nights in Jersey. A Jersey coach holiday with Harry Shaw offers the ultimate flexibility in coach holidays with a relaxed structure and low-key itinerary. Excursions are optional allowing you to pick and choose how to spend your time on the island or enjoy a week of coach tours should you choose.


Air travel: UK-wide departures

With home pick up for your flight to Jersey, Saga offers a VIP door-to-door travel service and no need to travel by sea. During your time in Jersey, Saga provides two free days to explore and three days of excursions taking you to the island’s most fascinating and iconic locations. This perfect time split is an incredible way to enjoy what Jersey has to offer with every element of transportation and accommodation taken care of. Inclusive of breakfast and two evening meals, Saga also takes care of multiple meals during your visit to Jersey.

FAQ About Jersey Coach Holidays

Do you need a passport to travel to Jersey by coach?

As part of The Common Travel Area, there is no passport requirement for travel between the UK and Jersey. It is not a requirement for UK citizens to carry a passport or any other identification during their travel around The Common Travel Area. However, when travelling by sea or air, airlines and ferry companies do require identification for travel regardless of The Common Travel Area. All passengers travelling to Jersey via air or sea will be required to present identification of some form in order to travel. This identification does not need to be a passport as other forms of identification are also accepted and it is advised to confirm accepted identification with your airline or carrier prior to travel.

How much luggage can I take on a Jersey coach holiday?

The luggage allowance for a Jersey coach holiday is dependent on the operator and method of transportation. For coach holidays departing the UK, companies typically offer one item of luggage up to 20kg with additional small bags to be taken onboard. However, the luggage allowance needs to be confirmed with the coach holiday company. If your coach holiday includes air travel, luggage allowance is restricted to airline allowances.

Can I bring my bicycle on a Jersey coach holiday?

Whether you can take your bicycle on a Jersey coach holiday varies by operator and the space available. If possible, the number of bicycles allowed to be transported is limited. You would need to book additional or excess luggage with the operator upon booking. However, Jersey is an excellent cycling destination with multiple bike hire companies available on the island. It is typically more convenient to hire a bike on arrival than transport your own bicycle on a coach.

What facilities are available on board?

Onboard facilities vary by operator but typically include a toilet, air-conditioning and comfortable seats. Onboard wifi is also increasingly common.

Is air travel included on a Jersey coach holiday?

If your Jersey coach holiday includes air travel, whether the fare is included is dependent on the company you book with. Most coach holiday companies do include air travel in their package price but it is advised to confirm this with the operator prior to booking.

How long is the ferry to Jersey?

Sea travel is the most common way to travel to Jersey when on a coach holiday. The journey time is dependent on your departure port with the ferry from Poole taking 4 hours and the ferry from Portsmouth significantly longer at 10 hours. Most Jersey coach holidays travel via Poole so it is expected that the ferry portion of your transport to Jersey would be 4 hours.