Ferry to Jersey – The Easy Way to Travel

Take your own car and avoid restrictions on luggage

With such close proximity to the UK, Jersey is an excellent destination for holidaymakers and adventure seekers.  In addition to great flights to Jersey travel options, an alternative method is the ferry to Jersey by sea.  Ferries depart the UK bound for Jersey multiple times a week and provide convenient connections to the island for those who for whatever reason choose not to travel by air.  An excellent ferry to Jersey service is on offer to travellers from the UK with a regular schedule and exceptional facilities on board.

Sailing to Jersey

Visitors travelling to Jersey from the UK can take advantage of the excellent connections via sea with frequent departures from both Poole and Portsmouth.  Whilst the ferry to Jersey has a significantly longer travel time, travelling from the UK to Jersey by sea is beneficial to many different types of travellers.

Travelling by ferry to Jersey is a great option for those who wish to navigate their own way around Jersey with a car. Ferries provide the option to take your own vehicle, giving you the freedom to explore Jersey with your car and no need to rent one.

Ferry travel is also beneficial in terms of luggage as travelling by sea offers greater flexibility and freedom with what you can take. If you are travelling with a car, you can pack everything you want and need into the vehicle without any weight limit. Foot passengers also receive a generous luggage allowance as Condor Ferries offers up to 25kg, more than airlines offer as standard.

Other benefits of travelling by sea are extensive but also include greater affordability over air travel for foot passengers and that the whole family can come along as pets are welcome to travel on a Condor Ferry to Jersey.

Condor Ferries to Jersey

Condor Ferries is the only ferry operator with sailings between the UK and Jersey.  Condor Ferries operates frequent sailings from Poole and Portsmouth to St Helier docking at Condor Ferries Jersey Terminal at Elizabeth Terminal.  Condor Ferries offers sailing from UK ports to Jersey 8 times a week year round increasing to 13 sailings a week during the peak Summer months.  Condor Ferries also offers additional sailings during school holidays and seasonal periods.

Condor Ferries accepts both foot passengers and vehicle passengers on all sailings from the UK to Jersey. Foot passengers may find that taking the ferry to Jersey is often more affordable than travelling by air and is great for those travelling on a budget.  Condor Ferries also offers foot passengers more luggage allowance than any airline at 25kg per person.  Foot passengers are also allowed to travel with a bicycle free of charge, however, other larger items such as filming equipment and camping gear can be carried in addition to the luggage allowance for an additional charge.  For vehicle passengers, Condor Ferries has no luggage restrictions.

Condor Ferries also permits pets on board all its services between the UK and Jersey. Pets travelling in a vehicle can travel for free whilst pets travelling with foot passengers can be carried for an additional charge.

Benefits of Travelling by Ferry to Jersey with Condor Ferries

Free amendments – If plans change, you can easily change your Condor Ferries booking for free up to 48 hours before your departure, with only the difference in the fare to pay.
Pack more – Travelling without luggage restrictions gives you the freedom and flexibility to take exactly what you need for your holiday.
Bargains – Save up to 40% off UK high street prices on all your favourite brands, across fragrance, beauty products, top tech, gifts, confectionery, wines, spirits and tobacco.
Pet Friendly – Going on your holiday by sea means that you can take your car and take the whole family with you, including the family pet.

Ferry to Jersey Availability

Jersey Holidays by Ferry From Poole

Ferry to Jersey
Condor Ferry

The Poole to Jersey ferry is the quickest route that Condor Ferries offer to Jersey.  The distance from Poole to Jersey is 104 miles (167km) with an approximate journey duration of 4 hours.  The Condor Ferry Poole to Jersey is a minimum twice weekly service that is available year-round with sailings increasing due to seasonal fluctuation.  During the peak travel period of the year between April and October, Condor Ferries increase their Poole to Jersey service to up to 7 sailings a week with additional sailings during school holidays.

The ship used for the Condor Ferries Poole ferry to Jersey route is Condor Liberation.  Condor Liberation is a high-speed vessel and the newest addition to the Condor Ferries fleet.

Condor Liberation has the following facilities on board:

  • Assigned Seating
  • ATM
  • Baby Changing Facilities
  • Casquets Bistro (Cafe)
  • Costa Coffee (Served at Island Bar and Horizon Lounge)
  • Duty Free Shop
  • Horizon Lounge (Premium Lounge)
  • Information Desk
  • Island Bar (Bar Service)
  • Kids Zone (Children’s TV Room)
  • Ocean Club (Premium Lounge)
  • Outside Decks
  • Smoking Area
  • Toilets/Accessible Toilets
  • Wifi

Condor Liberation has the following seating options on board:

  • Ocean Traveller – the standard fare includes an allocated seat in the Ocean Traveller cabin.
  • Horizon Lounge – you can upgrade your fare to Horizon Lounge where you will have a choice of a reclining or table seat as well as magnificent panoramic views as you sail.
  • Club Class – for ultimate comfort, you can upgrade to Club Class, a private lounge with reclining at-table seats and a steward service.

Please note, ships are subject to change at short notice and the smoking area is currently out of use due to COVID-19 regulations.

Jersey Holidays by Ferry From Portsmouth

If you’re taking your car to Jersey via Portsmouth, check-in will close 1 hour before your scheduled departure time. Please allow plenty of time to arrive at the port to complete check-in before you board.

If you’re travelling as a foot passenger, you can park your car at the harbour’s car park which is available at Portsmouth port. Check-in will close 40 minutes before your scheduled departure time. Please leave plenty of time to arrive at the port for check-in.

Portsmouth Harbour

Travel Requirements to Travel by Sea to Jersey

Individual Travel Requirements

As part of The Common Travel Area, UK and Irish citizens have the freedom to travel in and out of Jersey without restrictions and without the need of a valid passport for immigration purposes.  Condor Ferries, however, require a form of identification for embarkation but a passport is not necessarily required as various forms of photographic identification are accepted.  If photo ID is not presented at check-in, passengers will not be eligible to board the ship.  Children under the age of 16 can travel without identification as long as an adult passenger is accompanying them and can vouch for their identity.

Condor Ferries accepts the following forms of photographic identification on domestic sailings:

  • A valid passport
  • An expired UK passport (up to two years after expiry)
  • Valid EU or Swiss national identity card
  • Valid full or provisional driving licence
  • Valid armed forces identity card
  • Valid police warrant card/badge
  • Citizen Card or Civilian Card, available from www.citizencard.com
  • Valid firearm certificate
  • Valid government-issued identity card
  • NHS SMART card
  • Electoral identity card
  • NUS card (National Union of Students)
  • University/college ID card
  • Council issued bus pass
  • Young Scot card
  • Disabled badges which have a photograph of the holder
  • Certificate of Competency issued by the government (must be photographic)
  • VALIDATE UK PASS (photographic proof of age cards)
  • CPP Guernsey ID card
  • Guernsey 18+ card

Only original forms of identification are accepted, digital copies are not accepted.  Foreign nationals may require a passport and/or proof of VISA to board Condor ferry to Jersey.  If you are travelling from the UK but not a UK national, please confirm travel requirements with Condor Ferries and entry requirements to Jersey with gov.je.

Passengers who are more than 28 weeks pregnant must provide a fit to travel certificate from a registered GP in order to travel.  Condor Ferries does not carry passengers who are more than 34 weeks pregnant.

Passengers with an existing health condition should seek medical advice before travelling.

Jersey does not have access to the NHS and it is therefore advised to take out travel insurance prior to visiting Jersey.  Please note, European Health Insurance Cards are not valid in the Channel Islands.

Vehicle Travel Requirements

If you are travelling with the ferry to Jersey from UK with your own vehicle, the following requirements are in place.

For UK citizens driving their own vehicle from the UK to Jersey, drivers will need to travel with a full valid driving licence.  Foreign nationals driving from the UK without a UK issued licence will also be required to travel with an international driving permit.

All vehicles are required to have valid insurance and breakdown cover is also advised.

All cars entering Jersey are required to display a country identifier clearly on the rear of the vehicle.  The country identifier should include both the letter code and flag of the country.  If your vehicle displays a country identifier as part of the licence plate, an additional sticker is not required.

Please note, for vehicles from the UK, the GB sticker is no longer valid as of September 2021 and must be replaced by a UK sticker to comply with UK and European laws.  For UK vehicles with a licence plate identifier stating ‘GB’ or ‘EU’, an additional UK sticker is required to support the latest guidelines.

Pet Travel Requirements

Condor Ferries permits the transport of domestic pets on all ferry to Jersey services and the operator classes dogs and cats only as domestic pets.  As part of The Common Travel Area, pets being transported between the UK and Channel Islands do not require any documentation and a pet passport is not required.  However, all dogs must be microchipped as part of the legal requirement in England, Scotland and Wales and it is advised that all dogs should be fully vaccinated prior to sailing.

All pets must be booked in advance.  There is no additional charge for pets travelling with a vehicle however, there is a charge for pets travelling with foot passengers.  Pets are not permitted in the passenger lounges with the exception of service animals and If you are travelling on foot, all pets must travel in a cage that meets RSPCA requirements and if you are travelling in a vehicle, your pet can remain in the car for the duration of the journey with visits to the car deck permitted during sailing.

COVID-19 Jersey Travel Requirements

As of the 7th February 2022, any previous travel requirements in relation to COVID-19 under the Safe Travel Policy are suspended.  Border requirements are in line with pre-pandemic requirements and no testing or isolation is required on arrival in Jersey regardless of vaccination status.  Arrivals into Jersey are also no longer required to complete a travel tracker.  The suspension of the Safe Travel Policy remains under review and is subject to change.

In line with public transport guidance, face coverings must be worn at all times on Condor Ferries with the exception of eating and drinking unless exempt.  Sanitising stations are available throughout the ship, seating is currently allocated and all payments on board are currently contactless.  Foot passengers travelling with Condor Ferries are required to complete contactless check-in with either an e-boarding card or via the Condor Ferries app.  Condor Ferries also offers free amendments up to 48 hours prior to departure should your plans change.

Guidelines in relation to COVID-19 are constantly updated so please make sure you stay up to date with your local requirements.  You must not travel to Jersey if you have COVID-19 symptoms or a test result.

Ferry to Jersey Availability