Jersey Holidays

Nestled just 14 miles off the coast of France, the largest Channel Island, Jersey, is an incredible holiday destination with a plethora of strings to its bow for endless Jersey holidays.  Whether you are looking for a relaxing trip or an adventure holiday, a quick weekend break or a vacation for all the family, Jersey has everything you need to curate the perfect trip.  With a unique blend of both British and French influence, Jersey is a charming and diverse island that is just waiting to be explored.  It is here that experiences and moments turn into unforgettable memories that are sure to endure.

Everything Jersey Holidays Has to Offer

Jersey is a destination that is often overlooked by holidaymakers in favour of well-known European destinations.  However, the island is an incredible holiday destination for both UK and European travellers.

Jersey is unbelievably accessible with regular and frequent flights from the majority of UK airports and several European airports.  A total of sixteen UK airports offer flights to Jersey, many of which have a year-round service and daily flights with some smaller airports also offering a seasonal service.  Flights from the UK are short with many flight times under an hour.  The island is also connected to the UK via ferry with crossings from both Poole and Portsmouth to St Helier.  Meanwhile, European travellers can also access Jersey with flights from Dublin, Tenerife, Mallorca, Malaga, Madeira, Munich, Sonderborg and Dusseldorf as well as a ferry crossing from St Malo in France to St Helier.

Not only is getting to Jersey easy, getting around Jersey is also incredibly simple.  The island is incredibly easy to navigate and well signposted with driving on the left-hand side of the road, a benefit to UK travellers with no need to adjust.  Car hire is reasonably priced and convenient whilst travelling with your own car is also possible if you travel to Jersey by ferry.  Alternatively, Jersey has an exceptional public transport system with excellent connections between the airport, main towns and popular points of interest.  Cycling and walking are also both popular options for exploring Jersey.

The climate in Jersey is also a perk offering the best weather in the British Isles.  With warm summer months and mild winters, Jersey offers ideal weather for year-round travel with the peak period averaging 20ºC and regularly resembling a Mediterranean climate on the hottest days.

In addition to great weather and easy travel, Jersey has some truly remarkable experiences to offer with an abundance of thrilling attractions, beautiful beaches and spectacular points of interest.  For history buffs, the island is home to magnificent castles, fascinating war sites and interesting museums whilst adrenaline-junkies may enjoy the wealth of water sports, adventure parks and cycling trails.  Jersey is full of quaint villages to explore, charming harbours to enjoy dinner with a view and stunning beaches for a day in the sun with brilliant family friendly attractions also scattered across the island.  You can also expect to find delicious cuisine, award-winning spas and exhilarating activities to enhance your Jersey experience.  The island is also packed with phenomenal natural beauty offering dramatic coastal landscapes, lush countryside and breath-taking sunset views.

Jersey is an incredibly inclusive and diverse destination with Jersey holidays enjoyed by families, couples, adventure-seekers and relaxed holidaymakers.  This island is where you can do as much or as little as you want and whether you want to explore the history and culture, discover the breath-taking countryside or spend time enjoying sun, sea and sand, Jersey offers a wide variety of holiday options with one perfectly suited to you.

Family Jersey Holidays


Jersey offers fun for all the family with everyone from the little ones to grandparents enjoying spectacular Jersey holidays.  With a long list of things to do and places to see, every age group is catered for with many activities suitable for the whole family.  Surrounded by the great outdoors, the island is home to endless beaches, woodland trails and beautiful nature for the family to discover.  You’re also never far away from exciting activities with fascinating museums, thrilling watersports and unique attractions scattered across the island.

Located so close to the UK and many European countries, Jersey is a great destination for families with smaller travellers due to short flight times and convenient schedules.  As family life can be busy and unpredictable, regular and frequent flights make it easy to pin down the perfect travel time to suit your family.  There is also no change in time zone if travelling from the UK and only minor changes if visiting from Europe which is always great for families with a routine.

Located just off the French coast, Jersey offers the closest the British Isles has to a Mediterranean climate without the prices.  Many of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations can get pretty pricey when travelling with all the family and Jersey can offer families a more affordable alternative.  Not only does Jersey have short flight times resulting in lower plane fares, the island is also not bursting with tourists in the same way many European destinations are and therefore, prices on the island are more reasonable as they cater for the local market rather than the holidaymakers.

Accommodation is also available to suit every family type and whether you prefer the freedom of self-catering or the ease of a resort package, you can find your ideal option in Jersey.  Jersey self catering is perfect for large groups, families who want privacy and those looking for a home away from home.  It is also a great option for families who want to come and go as they please as you’re not restricted to meal times or facility opening times.  An incredible number of options are available from private rentals to specialist self-catering resorts including the luxurious Les Ormes offering self-catering accommodation with impressive facilities.  Alternatively, a resort vibe might be more up your street providing all the fun and activity of a typical European holiday resort.  With all-inclusive packages, exciting pools and kids activities, several of Jersey’s hotels have that thrilling European resort atmosphere.  Merton Hotel is a great example of a fun holiday resort for all the family with exceptional evening entertainment, an exhilarating indoor waterpark and six restaurants to suit every taste.  You may also find hotels offer a kids club, creche or babysitting service allowing you to enjoy some adult time even whilst travelling with the little ones.

Adventure Jersey Holidays

If you enjoy active holidays, Jersey is the place for you.  With so much to see and so many things to do, Jersey is the ideal destination for an adventure and activity holiday.  The island is home to a fascinating collection of Jersey attractions and an exciting list of activities that will pack your days with fun and thrills.  The small island certainly does not lack in activities to keep visitors busy and entertained with something on offer for all ages and interests.

For those looking for a family-friendly adventure, Jersey has numerous attractions to occupy the whole family.  No matter how adventurous your little ones are, they will be thoroughly entertained whether visiting the animals at Jersey Zoo or tackling the high ropes of Valley Adventure Centre in St Brelade.  Alternatively, you may want to visit the aMaizin! Adventure Park bursting with outdoor adventure and indoor fun or enjoy something simple like exploring the rock pools with The National Trust for Jersey’s Rock Pool Rambles Activity Guide.

Surrounded by water, it is only fitting that Jersey offers a wealth of incredible water sports and activities.  Many of the island’s most popular beaches feature a water sport centre with kayaking, paddle boarding and jet skiing all favoured activities.  With a myriad of harbours, boat trips are incredibly popular with beautiful views of the Jersey coastline from the water, encounters with dolphins and opportunity to discover some historic landmarks.  The underwater world is also magnificent to explore and fascinating for scuba divers with the seabed home to numerous WWII wrecks plus many species swimming by that are rarely seen in UK waters.  However, when it comes to water sports, surfing is the most popular water-based activity with Jersey offering one of the highest tidal ranges and some of the best waves in the world.

Active holidaymakers may want to partake in cycling or walking on the island but more challenging activities are also on offer.  The island hosts many endurance challenges throughout the year including road races, marathons and triathlons all of which are a great way of combining competing and exploring into one trip.  The Jersey Round Island Challenge is one of the island’s most popular sporting events in which competitors take on the task of navigating the perimeter of Jersey in five race categories; running, swimming, canoeing, paddle boarding and rowing.

Jersey is a hub of adventure in all shapes and forms with activities for all ages, abilities and interests.  If you’re not one for a relaxing holiday and prefer to maximise your time, Jersey has so much to offer that your days can be overflowing with activity and every family member will be charmed by the island.

Walking and Hiking Jersey Holidays

An island of incredible natural beauty, a brilliant destination to enjoy walking and hiking Jersey holidays.  With magnificent coastal walks and stunning inland trails, Jersey is bursting with amazing places to explore.  Most of the island’s population live in the towns with the countryside sparsely populated, peacefully quiet and relatively untouched.  Meanwhile, the coast is scattered with popular beaches but between them, spectacular hidden coves and secret bays are to be found.  If you’re wanting to explore a bit more of the island and visit some attractions, walking can be broken up with the island’s extensive list of castles, museums and points of interest that can easily be reached on foot.

Jersey Green Lanes

Green Lanes

Jersey is a walker’s paradise with many spots on the island prioritising pedestrians and cyclists over drivers.  The island has a ‘Green Lane’ system in place across ten of Jersey’s parishes and is a scheme that has won major travel awards.  The idea was created to support leisure and the environment by reducing traffic in designated areas.  Whilst cars can use the Green Lanes, vehicles are limited to a speed of just 15mph which discourages drivers from using the lanes other than for access.  It is also advised in Jersey’s highway code that motorists should avoid using the Green Lanes unless absolutely necessary.  The network allows pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders to take precedence over drivers along the assigned Green Lanes to create a better environment for walkers and cyclists.  With minimal vehicles along the Green Lanes and a restricted speed limit for those that do venture down them, the island is great for a family walking holiday.  The network of Green Lanes now spans a fantastic 48 miles across Jersey with its system of rural roads.

Jersey’s climate is also perfect for a walking holiday with warm Summers and mild Winters allowing for enjoyable walking and hiking year round.  The island also has relatively moderate terrain making Jersey a perfect destination for walkers and hikers of all levels, abilities and ages.  You may even want to bring the whole family along with you on a Jersey walking holiday, including any four-legged friends.  If you are travelling from the UK, a four-hour daily ferry crossing from Poole allows you to bring your dog along with you on your Jersey adventure and accompany you on your walks across the island.

The island offers a number of tour companies that schedule walking tours of the island where you will join with a group, stick to a schedule and have a guided experience.  Alternatively, you may prefer to go it alone with no destination in mind and simply see where your feet take you.  However, the most popular option with hikers visiting Jersey is somewhere in the middle and embarking on a self-guided tour.  The internet is flooded with brilliant, detailed itineraries complete with maps, points of interest and tips for along the route.  You can pick and choose the length of your itinerary, arranging accommodation options enroute or maybe opt for several shorter walks and stay in one central location.  Whether you join a walking tour, follow an itinerary or go it alone, a Jersey walking holiday will be a trip to remember.

Cycling Jersey Holidays

Cycling in Jersey

Cycling is a popular pastime in Jersey with both locals and holidaymakers enjoying rides across the island.  The island is peppered with convenient cycling lanes and trails allowing you to explore the sites, landmarks and scenery with ease.  Whether you enjoy scenic, nature trails or A to B cycling rides between attractions, Jersey can offer you endless routes to enjoy.  The small island features a diverse collection of cycling routes surrounded by contrasting landscapes and suitable for a wide range of levels.  The island features plenty of moderate routes that the whole family and all abilities can enjoy whilst heading inland takes thrill seekers on more challenging adventures.

Jersey is incredibly easy to navigate with a well signposted cycle network and whether you follow a specific route or go it alone, whizzing round the island on two wheels could not be more straightforward.  You can grab a cycle network guide from the Jersey Tourism Information Centre, downloadable online at or it is highly likely that hire rental companies will provide you with a copy.  Alternatively, the internet is also bursting with specific routes and itineraries for you to follow that are tried and tested by fellow cyclists.

The Green Lanes of Jersey are perfect for cyclists with a 48 mile network of rural roads that prioritise cyclists and pedestrians.  Limited to access only and with a speed limit of 15mph, motorists are discouraged from using these lanes and the system provides traffic-free cycling routes.  The lanes also give priority to cyclists and pedestrians over cars making any possible encounters with motorists hassle free.  In addition to the assigned Green Lanes, across Jersey you will also find a wealth of traffic-free cycling paths and trails.  The stretch of St Aubin’s Bay features designated cycling paths, an off-road cycle path runs through St Peter’s Valley linking the North of the island to the South and connecting St Aubin to Corbiere, The Railway Walk is a pre-war train track that is now a popular route for cyclists and pedestrians.

If you are flying to Jersey, the island is home to an abundance of rental companies where you can hire a bike for the duration of your trip.  You can find a variety of bikes including leisure bicycles for easy trails, mountain bikes for more adventure and even kids bikes for exploring with little legs.  St Helier and St Aubin in particular have a great selection of friendly cycling shops that can help you out with any equipment and advice you may need during your Jersey cycling holiday.  Whilst Jersey has numerous locations where you can hire a bicycle easily and at a reasonable price, if you are travelling from the UK and prefer to take your own bike with you, you can do just that.  Hopping on the four hour ferry from Poole allows you to bring your own car and bicycle across to Jersey.